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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Who am I kidding?

Welcome to "it's a dog's life". I started this blog to pour out my thoughts by proxy thru the persona of my dog, but I have since realized that I am the dog, and writing it in first person would be much better I think. I often feel like I am behind a fence, peering out at the world, restricted by the collective weight of friends and family protocol which can be very crushing. Does that make sense? I dunno.

I have always had a disarming nature about me, no matter how fierce I looked. At times my appearance would best be described as "biker" with very long hair and beard and clothing to match. Because I relate to them readily and feel like an outlaw, a black sheep maybe or the dog. I seem to always cover my true thoughts and ambitions, especially my politics and beliefs, why, I'm not sure. But I do know that people find me to be charming in a way that allows them to put their guard down in spite of my appearance. As someone put it in an email to me "i can't believe I admitted that to a total stranger", makes me wonder if the internet with all of it's anonimity and impersonal feel at times still allows our true nature to shine thru this electronic medium. I guess we will have to find out as I kick start this blog and try to have some fun with it. Thanks for listening, tune in tomorrow for more blatherings and ruminations.