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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lousy Town

Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I know I did and now it's going to take at least a week to recover from the food overload, LOL. I drove over a 1000 miles visiting friends and relatives while I as away and noticed a lot of horrible names for towns on my trip.

Some of the names were truly bad, bad enough that there would be no way that I would want to live there. But then I started thinking that there had to be some that were even worse around the world, far worse than the ones I saw on my trip and here's a few that I found with just a bit of research.
  • Dikshit, India
  • Blue Ball, Pennsylvania
  • Big Knob, Kentucky
  • Dykesville, Wisconsin
  • Cunt, Spain
  • Bumpass, Virginia
  • Bastard, Norway
  • Chinaman's Knob, Australia
  • Dildo, Newfoundland
  • Ding Dong, Texas
  • Fukumama, Japan
  • Herpes, France
  • Knob Lick, Kentucky
  • Little Dix Village, West Indies
  • Mianus, Connecticut
  • Wankers Corner, Oregon
  • Wet Beaver Creek, Australia
  • Turkey City, Pennsylvania
  • Long Dong, China

Here's a few I made up that would most probably get rejected as town names:

  • Moose Balls, Alaska
  • Nut Scrape, Utah
  • Hemorhoid, Alabama
  • Hairy Bush, Texas
  • Ear Wax, Florida
  • Butte Munch, Nevada
  • Fente d'Ane (Ass Crack), Louisiana
  • Foot Fungus, Brazil
  • Snot River, Missouri
  • Sewageville, Ohio

What's the worst ones you guys have come across? =)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pass the Ammo!!

Hope you guys have a great holiday weekend! I'll be heading out in the morning to visit relatives and eat lots of turkey and dressing! Then on Friday I'll be driving out of state to visit my sister for a few days. See ya next week!

Have a happy, giant evil mutant turkey hunting day!!

Have fun and be safe!
Thursday, November 09, 2006

Yard Sale Hell

Last weekend we had a big yard sale here that ran thru Saturday and Sunday, what a pain and a huge mess. Although a lot of stuff was sold there was way too much junk left over. In spite of putting signs out all over the area and running ads in the local paper the turnout was very poor and disappointing. The sale was a shitload of work and now there's the problem of packing up and removing the tables loaded down with picked over crap. What fun! Next time I think we'll just have a nice bonfire and pass on the yard sale... As you can see in the photo above the roof of the house still has tarps on it from Katrina, badly tattered now from the weather.
Went to Wendy's for a burger the other day and ordered just a regular combo with fries and a drink. The fuckers upsized it to a larger drink and fries with out me specifying it or even asking me if that's what I wanted. When she told me the price it sounded a bit higher than I expected. When she handed me the ginormous cup of diet coke that hasn't a fat chance in hell of squeezing into my cup holder I realized they had "upsized" my order. When I told her she had screwed my order and I wanted it corrected, she got pissy with me and snatched the bag away and gave me a smaller fries, smaller drink and refunded the difference. The swap was fine, that didn't bother me, but she can take her rude attitude and shove up her ass!

Is this a new tactic fast food places are using to gouge your for a few more pennies? Anyone else have this happen to them? I never order large fries anyway, we all know that "large fries" just means "larger container", you still end up with medium sized fries!
Lots of fun stuff in the news lately! John Kerry's horrendous gaffe was a good one, he almost made Bush look good, didn't he? The Bush response that it wouldn't have made sense if he had told the joke correctly made them look even more stupid, if that's possible. We all know he meant that Bush was the dumbass that got us stuck in Iraq, and not that you were dumb by being in the military. Of course, we're all just a bunch of school kids and we couldn't help picking on the dorky guy for a huge but silly mistake.

It seemed like the entire nation pitched in to give Kerry an Atomic Wedgie! Even the troops jumped on that one!

The blog template business at my BGW! site has been going crazy lately, I can't recall being this busy before. I've done 4 new skins since my last post and I'm currently working on 3 more with even more coming up! Here's one that I really enjoyed doing for a cool guy over at Afro Nerd, it's done in a bright, classic comic book style. Jottings From Jersey is another favorite for a nice lady that loves cats. The Mamarazzi is a lady that loves to take lots of photos and finally, I did a totally new look for Chris over at Faded Sunsets. Cool!

Get 'em while they're hot! Hope you guys have a great weekend!