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Friday, January 19, 2007

Hurricane Katrina Update

I just thought I would give you guys an update on what hasn't been done since the house was damaged by Katrina 1.5 years ago. FEMA is STILL dragging it's leaden feet on what's to be done. We still aren't sure if the house will end up being demolished and rebuilt from the ground up or if it will be repaired. The red tape involved in getting all the bureaucracies in sync has been monumental. Engineering, funding, inspections, code, and just good old-fashioned bean counting has all conspired together to make getting one single house repaired a seemingly impossible task.

Truly, we are dealing with the Ministry of Silly Walks of Monty Python fame. And, yes, these pictures are what the house still looks like after the walls have been torn out, the siding blown off and the roof damaged from the giant oak that fell on it. The air-conditioning and heating system was destroyed so we have small space heaters throughout the house and we put in several small window A/C units to make the summers more bearable.

The roof leaks in at least 3 places, it's very drafty, several windows are still broken from the wind damage and it still smells of mold from the moisture that soaked into the wood framing when it was flooded out. The last we heard was that we "might" get an answer on what's to be done in March of this year 2007.

I know that we are far from from the only people that are in this situation, but eventually it will get done. Myself, I'm hoping that the house ends up being demolished because it will never be the same after all that has happened. It's a shame but it's true.

On the more personal front, as of today I have 6 more weeks of chemotherapy to go thru before I'm done, damn I cannot wait! I've been very weak and have a difficult time coping with the very strong flu like symptoms, aching muscles and joints and the brain fog that accompanies the injections but it's all good! I'm down to the short strokes now!

WooHoo!! =) Hope you guys have a great weekend!!