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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Another Blast From the Past

A few weeks ago my mom was going thru some more of my grandmothers personal belongings and came across some old photographic negatives. She decided to take a chance on getting them developed to see how good they would come out and we were amazingly suprised. The format was so old that they had to be taken to a professional photographer for developing at a much higher cost than your usual photo outlets. Well, you can see a couple of the incredible results below.

Unfortunately, since my grandmother has now passed away and my grandfather died over 30 years ago, we may never learn the story of why and where these photos were taken. We do know that the year was 1928 and that it was somewhere in the New Orleans area and they were roughly 20 years old. Don't my grandparents make a great looking couple?

There's still tons of boxes and old belongings that remain to be looked thru, who knows what we'll find!

Hope you guys have a killer new year holiday! Have fun and drink a few for me!