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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I just couldn't resist having a little fun with Photoshop and one of the pictures I took yesterday of the trailer. I came up with a few different paint schemes, which is your favorite? LOL Be sure to click the images for a closer look!

Above: #1

Above: #2

Above: #3

Above: #4

I hope the neighbors don't mind... much hehe

A couple people asked about why we are getting and using these trailers. The fact is most of these houses have not been repaired to date, including our house. All the interior walls are still torn out with bare studs and exposed wiring and the roof is still heavily damaged in the rear where the giant oak tree fell on it. It's going to be many, many months before the place will be restored to it's original condition. In our case we will likely have to have the entire house and slab raised as high as 3 feet above ground to meet the new flood plain standards set by FEMA. If we don't bring the house up to the new standards they can refuse to renew the flood insurance.

FEMA and the insurance companies will help pay for the costs of meeting the new standards but there is a lot of red tape involved, surveys must be made, plans drawn, engineering permits approved and last but not least finding an actual contractor to do the work. As you can well imagine all contractors are absolutely overwhelmed with 100's of thousands of homes needing massive amounts of repair work. I'm going to guess it could be as much as a year or more from NOW, five months after the hurricane, before the house is finished. And of course a lot of that time the property will be unlivable, hence the need for the trailers. Fun, fun FUN!! LOL

From the "I love to show off department" I've recently delivered a couple of cool new blog templates. This first one, "Renee's Rants" was a christmas gift from one blogger to another! And this second one "A Hangover You Don't Deserve" is very cool too! I've also got a few new templates up over at my Blogs Gone Wild! site! If you know anyone looking for a new skin for their blog, you know I appreciate all referrals very much!!

Monday, January 30, 2006

There goes the neighborhood!

We finally got our very own FEMA trailer! How cool is that? Now we can count ourselves in with the likes of this guy: My Trailer Park. A very funny website! All our neighbors got their very own FEMA trailers weeks ago and I have to say we've been very jealous! I took a few pics this morning and here's the view to the left of the house showing 3 trailers! We want one too!!

Here's the view to the right showing 3 more!! Where the hell is ours dammit!?

Finally!! Ours has arrived and they are gonna do the sewer and power hookups later today!
Ain't she a beauty? I know you're all jealous now! I'm already thinking up new decorating ideas for the front yard. Maybe put my car up on blocks and take the wheels off! Maybe I'll paint some cool graffiti on the sides! Too bad christmas isn't coming up, it would look very swank with strings of lights all around it! You guys got any suggestions?
Sunday, January 22, 2006

Rattle and Hum

Lots of cool stuff going on around here lately. Sorry about the lack of updates! I've been one very busy guy since I returned from NYC. I've got shitloads of work to do thanks to a very cool new customer that I'm creating a major mondo porno web site for! LOL The site features all kinds of stuff like xxx dvd's, clothing, and sex toys. When it's completed I'll have to put up the link for you guys to check it out! It's looking very cool! A nice big job for me, the only problem I have with it is, how can I comfortably brag about the job in my future resumes and portfolio? Hmmm...

Baptist church minister: Hello, Mr se7en? Yes, well, so far we really like the new web design you're doing for our church in Holy Hill, Alabama. And well, we really like your work but we just noticed this one site in your portfolio that has some... ahem... questionable content and now we're not so sure you're the right company for the job...

se7en: *talking fast* Yes sir, uhmmm, well I have no idea how that got in there, I think it must be some sort of freaky server error forwarding you to the wrong page, or maybe it was an act of God, maybe it's just his way of telling you that there's really nothing wrong with pornography. You know, the human body being one of his most beautiful creations and all that... know what I mean? No? You're not buying that, huh? *click* Hello? Hello?

See what I mean? Oh well, I would rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints anyway! I'm so going to hell. Ahhhh! Heaven sounds so fucking boring.... I caught a teeny bit of that Barbara Walters special a while back in which she explores the question "What is Heaven?" or something like that. I really don't try to knock or criticize anyones religion or their beliefs unless they feel like their particular religion entitles them to commit violent acts like terrorism in the name of "their" god. Not mentioning any in particular *coughislamistscough*.

Barbara was interviewing this one evangelical jesus freak who's definition of heaven was a place where you could have everything you ever wanted, do everything you ever wanted, never have any aches or pains, and you could eat all the food you wanted whenever you wanted and never get fat! That description sounds totally disgusting to me, let me get this straight now, you can do anything, no matter how bad and never feel any repercussions for doing everything in excess? That sounds like sin to me using the definitions given by most religious doctrine. Eternity is a long motherfukkin' time to exist, and any kind of excessive behavior would get extremely boring in short order no matter how depraved you are. I don't think this guy really thought thru what he was saying! I'm just saying... LOL

Ok now, back to the web design stuff! I could really use you guys help. I'm creating a new website for myself for my web design work and I have to come up with a cool new name. It has to be short, easy to spell and when people see it they will immediately know that it's a web design company and it has to be not already taken as a .com name, meaning it has to be a domain name available for purchase, something like www.whatever.com I will award $20 by either Paypal or a gift card to your favorite major store to someone that comes up with a name that I end up using. Just toss em in the comments. And even if you can't come up with any serious ones, have fun making up silly ones!

Here's a few very funny website name blunders:

Have fun!

UPDATE!! I've chosen to use a name suggested by my lovely gf, Lisa of LisaBinDaCity! The new domain name is www.firesitedesigns.com ! Thanks to everyone that played, but don't let that stop you from making up more silly ones!
Saturday, January 14, 2006

Back in the Dumpster

I'm baaaaack! After an amazingly fun 16 day trip to NYC I have to come back to N.O. where things haven't changed one damn bit. The place is still an uber hell hole of broken promises, badly damaged houses and businesses, piles of rotting garbage and debris everywhere and no end to it in sight. Can ya tell I'm happy to be home? Yeah, I didn't think so! I'm very much wishing I could have stayed in NYC longer but I've too much to do here. Besides, NYC is where Lisa is and I'm missing her very much! We're already talking about the next time we can get together, maybe she will come here on the next go round, but that's undecided as of yet.

I loved being in NY, I've always been a big city kinda guy except for the part where it sucks to own a motorcycle, there's no where to ride the fucker! I do love the being able to walk to every place you need to go though, every convenience you could ever want or need is seemingly just around the corner in a place like NYC. Ya gotta love that!

A few things about my trip: I learned that it's not a good idea to throw your cell phone under a city bus. Well, maybe I didn't actually throw it, it flipped off my pocket, hit the corner of the curb as I was stepping on a bus and it clattered and bounced about 2 feet up under the bus. I had to get down on hands and knees in the street and snatch it from certain doom before the front wheel of the bus crushed it to smithereenies. It was broken anyway as it turned out, the display was now totally blanked. To top it off I think I did some kind of totally illegal yoga move and wrenched my back while trying to retrieve it! Grrrr. I hate when that happens!

I learned that fresh dog poop is a very valuable commodity. Everywhere you walk you see people picking it up off the sidewalks, who knew? I wonder how much an ounce sells for and what do you do with it? Smoke it maybe? Or do people just add it to their collections, like trophies? I also found out that it sucks ass to step in it! Damnit, I really hate when that happens!

I learned that you can get some kick ass pizza by the slice and soft drinks for 2 people and walk away full for $6.50! Dude, that's cheaper than fucking McDonalds! Or you can spend $6 bucks on a fucking draft beer in almost any restaurant, or bar. I've had cheaper beers at NFL footbal games for craps sake where they are known to be way overpriced!

I learned that you can get the most incredible hot pastrami on rye sandwich at the Carnegie Deli with the meat piled no less than 3 inches thick and it's so tender it practically melts in your mouth for $12.95 or you can get a "genuine" Rolex watch on any street corner for $8 bucks! How cool is that?

You can't go to NYC and not visit this place. It's the famous restaurant that has thousands of autographed pictures on it's walls of every freekin' celebrity that ever walked the planet, from Milton Berle to Rob Schneider. I'll have to send them one of me, I wonder if they'll put it up? LOL

Have a great weekend everyone! woohoooo!!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Dinner Party, Street Fun

I'm still enjoying my stay here in NYC immensely and I'll be here only a few more days. It's gonna suck having to go home, I'm definitely not looking forward to that. I'll have a lot of catching up to do when I return though so I'll be plenty busy!

Lisa and I hosted a little dinner party here at her apartment last night, Deni and Last Guy and one of Lisa's best friends Linny came over to pig out on some of my cajun cuisine. I cooked up a big ass pot of spicy, homestyle red beans and rice with tons of smoke sausage and extra garlic (and a dash of Tabasco sauce!) and crusty french bread, just the way I like it! It was apparently a big hit, everyone went back for seconds, there was barely any left over and at first I thought that I was cooking way too much! To top it off Lisa cooked up a batch of New Orleans style pecan pralines (see story) and served them up with vanilla ice cream, awesome!

Deni had just picked up the final mastered version of her new CD on the way over to Lisa's and after dinner we all sat and listened to it for the very first time! How fucking cool is that! I have to tell ya I was very much impressed, every song on the disc sounds incredible and I would definitely buy this CD, Deni also received some very good news just today about several of her songs but I'll let you guys read about that over at her blog. I'm sure she'll be posting it soon.

The streets here are naturally jammed with heavy trafffic at most hours of every day and most of the traffic seems to be taxi cabs with some of the wildest, craziest driving styles I've seen in a long time. Going anywhere in a vehicle is definitely an adventure. All of the main avenues go north/south and are generally 4 lanes wide and one way. Apparently the white lines dividing the lanes are painted on the roads as mere suggestions, nobody seems to care whether or not they are in lane, with lots of jockeying back and forth, straddling the lines, cutting each other off, horn blowing, shouting strings of curses in a wide variety of foreign accents, rude finger gestures and the vehicles are constantly bobbing and weaving back and forth like a fleet of punch drunk, has been boxers. What crazy fun!

The other day, I happened across one really cool example of street art just around the corner that I liked so much I just had to get a picture.

The artist was obviously trying to capture the appearance of what a bucket of white paint would look like if it had fallen off a truck and splattered all over the street.I was amazed at the detail of the foot prints and the tire tracks of the cars, just like the real thing! Hell yeah!
Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year!

Hope you guys all had safe and happy Christmas, Hanukkah and new years celebrations. I know I certainly did! Some of you have been wondering just where in the hell have I been. I'm gonna tell ya that you should be jealous, very, very jealous! On Christmas day I hopped on a plane leaving New Orleans, bound for none other than New York city and Lisa of LisaBinDaCity blog fame. I had originally planned on staying for 11 days but we're having so much fun that I've extended my stay for an additional 5 days! How fucking cool is that!?!?

Lisa has been an amazing hostess, making me feel very welcome at all times. She is also very pretty, very sweet and has an amazing warm heart and a ton of fun to be with. We've gotten to know each other very well and make each other laugh constantly. I just can't say enough cool things about Lisa. She also has the coolest little furball dog named Ally da Pup. Lisa is a very private person though so no pictures! Boooo! LOL

Dining out (very often), going to movies and walking around the city as she shows me her favorite places to go has been incredible. Here is a picture of me with my finger up the nose of a statue of Hans Christian Anderson in Central Park. LOL

Last Friday night we went to a an actual Broadway comedy play with none other than Last Girl on Earth (Deni Bonet) and her very cool Last Guy on Earth husband. Meeting them was definitely one of the high points of my stay and the play was a hilarious blast! We laughed our fool heads off, I think both Lisa and Deni were laughing so hard they had tears running down their faces. We left there and went to a pub just down the street for a few drinks after the show and got to know each other a lot better. Deni and Last Guy are a lot of fun, they have tons of fun stories about their travels and adventures together and they made me feel very welcome to hang out with them.

Now you might think that this would be enough fun for one week but it gets even better! Lisa and myself had also been invited to Deni and Last Guys new years eve party! Hell yeah! They sure know how to throw a party, lots of great food, plenty to drink and great company, the rest of the guests were a lot of fun to meet and party with as well!

Deni's sequined dress was totally insane! She really is a free spirit, just like she comes across on her blog. I think we stayed till past 3 AM when we left and hailed a cab back to Lisa's place. It ain't easy to get a cab in New York city on New Years eve let me tell ya. I think we stood outside in the cold and wind not far from Times Square for 45 minutes among huge throngs of other partyers that were all trying to do the exact same thing! The party will be a kick ass memory!

I'm going to be here till next week and I have more stories to tell about my trip but this is all you're gonna get for the moment! LOL