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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I just couldn't resist having a little fun with Photoshop and one of the pictures I took yesterday of the trailer. I came up with a few different paint schemes, which is your favorite? LOL Be sure to click the images for a closer look!

Above: #1

Above: #2

Above: #3

Above: #4

I hope the neighbors don't mind... much hehe

A couple people asked about why we are getting and using these trailers. The fact is most of these houses have not been repaired to date, including our house. All the interior walls are still torn out with bare studs and exposed wiring and the roof is still heavily damaged in the rear where the giant oak tree fell on it. It's going to be many, many months before the place will be restored to it's original condition. In our case we will likely have to have the entire house and slab raised as high as 3 feet above ground to meet the new flood plain standards set by FEMA. If we don't bring the house up to the new standards they can refuse to renew the flood insurance.

FEMA and the insurance companies will help pay for the costs of meeting the new standards but there is a lot of red tape involved, surveys must be made, plans drawn, engineering permits approved and last but not least finding an actual contractor to do the work. As you can well imagine all contractors are absolutely overwhelmed with 100's of thousands of homes needing massive amounts of repair work. I'm going to guess it could be as much as a year or more from NOW, five months after the hurricane, before the house is finished. And of course a lot of that time the property will be unlivable, hence the need for the trailers. Fun, fun FUN!! LOL

From the "I love to show off department" I've recently delivered a couple of cool new blog templates. This first one, "Renee's Rants" was a christmas gift from one blogger to another! And this second one "A Hangover You Don't Deserve" is very cool too! I've also got a few new templates up over at my Blogs Gone Wild! site! If you know anyone looking for a new skin for their blog, you know I appreciate all referrals very much!!