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Monday, January 30, 2006

There goes the neighborhood!

We finally got our very own FEMA trailer! How cool is that? Now we can count ourselves in with the likes of this guy: My Trailer Park. A very funny website! All our neighbors got their very own FEMA trailers weeks ago and I have to say we've been very jealous! I took a few pics this morning and here's the view to the left of the house showing 3 trailers! We want one too!!

Here's the view to the right showing 3 more!! Where the hell is ours dammit!?

Finally!! Ours has arrived and they are gonna do the sewer and power hookups later today!
Ain't she a beauty? I know you're all jealous now! I'm already thinking up new decorating ideas for the front yard. Maybe put my car up on blocks and take the wheels off! Maybe I'll paint some cool graffiti on the sides! Too bad christmas isn't coming up, it would look very swank with strings of lights all around it! You guys got any suggestions?