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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Dinner Party, Street Fun

I'm still enjoying my stay here in NYC immensely and I'll be here only a few more days. It's gonna suck having to go home, I'm definitely not looking forward to that. I'll have a lot of catching up to do when I return though so I'll be plenty busy!

Lisa and I hosted a little dinner party here at her apartment last night, Deni and Last Guy and one of Lisa's best friends Linny came over to pig out on some of my cajun cuisine. I cooked up a big ass pot of spicy, homestyle red beans and rice with tons of smoke sausage and extra garlic (and a dash of Tabasco sauce!) and crusty french bread, just the way I like it! It was apparently a big hit, everyone went back for seconds, there was barely any left over and at first I thought that I was cooking way too much! To top it off Lisa cooked up a batch of New Orleans style pecan pralines (see story) and served them up with vanilla ice cream, awesome!

Deni had just picked up the final mastered version of her new CD on the way over to Lisa's and after dinner we all sat and listened to it for the very first time! How fucking cool is that! I have to tell ya I was very much impressed, every song on the disc sounds incredible and I would definitely buy this CD, Deni also received some very good news just today about several of her songs but I'll let you guys read about that over at her blog. I'm sure she'll be posting it soon.

The streets here are naturally jammed with heavy trafffic at most hours of every day and most of the traffic seems to be taxi cabs with some of the wildest, craziest driving styles I've seen in a long time. Going anywhere in a vehicle is definitely an adventure. All of the main avenues go north/south and are generally 4 lanes wide and one way. Apparently the white lines dividing the lanes are painted on the roads as mere suggestions, nobody seems to care whether or not they are in lane, with lots of jockeying back and forth, straddling the lines, cutting each other off, horn blowing, shouting strings of curses in a wide variety of foreign accents, rude finger gestures and the vehicles are constantly bobbing and weaving back and forth like a fleet of punch drunk, has been boxers. What crazy fun!

The other day, I happened across one really cool example of street art just around the corner that I liked so much I just had to get a picture.

The artist was obviously trying to capture the appearance of what a bucket of white paint would look like if it had fallen off a truck and splattered all over the street.I was amazed at the detail of the foot prints and the tire tracks of the cars, just like the real thing! Hell yeah!