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Thursday, June 30, 2005

It's All About the BJ's pt 2

Part 1 is 2 posts down!

Where was I? Oh yeah, the girl from Alabama, I met her in a bar that I always used to go to, it was just right down the street from where I worked. Only about 2 miles from home. She was a new waitress there and I saw her in there quite a few times. She seemed to take a lot of interest in me whenever I came in and we talked quite a bit and got to know each other pretty well. She was a number of years younger than me, I believe I was in my mid 30's and she was 22 so I didn't think we would hit it off too well, even though she was nice and very attractive she was about as dumb as a rock. She was hot though and after a short period of time she ended up going home with me.

As soon as we got to the house the first thing she wanted was a hot bath, not a shower but a bath and I thought that was kind of odd. But she quickly pulled her clothes off as we kissed and groped while the tub filled. When the water was right she climbed in the tub, laid back and spread her legs and asked me to shave her pussy for her. I was kind of shocked that she would be so forward with me so soon but I knew that I would love doing it as I had done the very same thing to my 2nd wife many times before. I was pretty experienced with a razor in that area, they are so many delicate areas down there that are easily nicked if you do a thorough job, so you have to be careful! She had me shave everything from front to rear, even all the way up her butt crack, even shaving real close around her little butthole, what fun it was playing with her in the hot soapy water. The only thing left behind was a little landing strip on the top front. Holy shit, by the time we were done I had a hard on like I had never had before, this was absolutely one of the hottest things I had ever done. Seeing her in that tub with her legs spread high up to her head, wide open for me to gaze upon her cute little pussy and ass. I was all over this hot, sexy young woman almost 15 yrs younger than me and she was pouring it on like there was no tomorrow!

I got into the tub with her and she gave me a bath and she really gave the dick a good going over as she took her time washing that area. I was about ready to just shove it in and burst but she held me back. We dried off and headed for the bed where she laid me back and started going down on me like no one had done before. She had this way of getting all the way down between my legs and facing up to me and then looking up into my face while she laid there with a huge mouthful of dick, stroking it slowly with her lips and I was able to stare into her pretty brown eyes the whole time. She would be pulling on my balls the entire time with one hand and holding the base of my dick with the other and she would do something strange with her tongue on the underside of my dick that just felt so amazing! It was like a tickling on the underside, It seemed like she was playing with it with her tongue while it was in her mouth in a way that no one had done before.

She was also asking for it, she was begging me to shoot it into her mouth, that she couldn't wait to taste it. I didn't last long! I came so hard I swear I thought that it must have hurt her because of the violence of my orgasm and I'm sure if her mouth had not been in the way I would have cum on the ceiling again like I had once before, some years before. I had just had the best orgasm of my entire life and I felt drained, exhausted and totally whipped out and would have been a happy man if I would have died right there on the spot. But, she wasn't done, she wouldn't let it go from her mouth, she kept it there and very gently moved her tongue all over it as it wilted in her mouth. It was now so sensitive that even the slightest touch would send goosebumps all over me and was almost painful! She seemed to know this as she very, very gently played with it with her tongue. It was almost too sensitive to the touch so I tried to push her off but she wouldn't allow that!

She held her ground and told me she wanted more, she wanted me to cum in her mouth again, that once was never enough and she held onto me making me squirm with the ultra sensitivity of her tongues caresses. She very slowly and gently brought it back to life again with her touches and licks and sucking and I was amazed that once I had gotten over the extreme sensitivity I was now finding myself getting stiff again after only a few minutes. This had never happened before, normally it would be out of action for an hour or more just to recover from my orgasms but she was able to get me going again quickly, after only a few minutes.

Ahem, I need a break for a few minutes...

Yeah, to my total amazement I was again stiff as a board and she was milking it like crazy but after a few minutes she moved up and straddled me and shoved it deep into her pussy with one push and fucked me like crazy. We were really going after it, but now I wasn't going to cum again so easily so we spent plenty of time getting her off with several very strong orgasms, I loved the way she rubbed her clit hard against me while stroking and rocking on me with my dick deep inside her. Then suddenly she was done and she pulled it out of her gushing pussy and slid back down between my legs and proceeded to suck it off again like she had done earlier. She was definitely enjoying the taste of her own juices as she went after it hungrily and after a short while she was able to make me cum again, except this time the orgasm was even stronger than the first! I swear I thought I was gonna die it was sooo fucking intense, it was truly unbelievable. This woman had just given me the two best orgasms that I had ever had right in a row and she was not done yet!

Just like before she wouldn't stop playing with it, she kept it in her mouth and gently caressed it with her tongue and I wanted to scream because even the slightest touch was incredibly intense, more than I could stand but she insisted, wanting more. She was begging for me to cum in her mouth one more time! I didn't believe it was possible but it happened. She kept at it slowly and gently and very patiently got that sucker hard again and worked on it expertly with her tongue for nearly an hour it seemed and I eventually did cum again.

Except now I was dried up, there was nothing left to give. It was like it was scraping the bottom of the barrel for more cum that just wasn't there to give. I had given her every drop I had in the previous two BJ's and now it had to really work hard for one more shot. I think my dick was dry heaving with pain and insane pleasure as it tried it's damndest to satisfy her hungry mouth and I screamed like crazy because it fucking HURT so much and it felt so incredibly good at the same time It was beyond description. There is no way I could put into words exactly how good that felt. I had just had the three most insane orgasms in my entire life within a matter of a couple of hours! Each one better than the previous. Now you would think she would have been done, right? Wrong, she wanted more! She was not ready to stop but I sure was, there was just no way she was getting me four times in such a short period of time, but I had to be very insistent to make her stop. Finally we crashed and slept thru the night together.

Yeah, you guessed it! Next morning we lathered, rinsed and repeated and spent the entire day in bed together. I think it was a weekend and we stayed holed up in the house for several days doing nothing but eating, sleeping and having sex. She was just amazing and we stayed together for several years, I'll never forget her! Hell yeah!
Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Grrrrrr!! Updated!!

Sorry all, my freakin' PC needs a new water pump and it looks like I'll need a day or two to restore everything! What a job!

Good news, the PC is coming along nicely and since I was in there already I decided to fix it up a little bit, you can see for yourself how it's coming along:

It sure is a noisy fucker now though!! eeep!!
Sunday, June 26, 2005

It's All About the BJ's

Well, there's actually a lot more to sex in my eyes than just the BJ's but the name of this post means that only this post is all about the BJ's. Although, I'm sure there are some men out there who might disagree with that! Either way, I've decided to talk about MY experience with having it sucked off by a person of the opposite sex. I've found through the years that just about every woman that has given me that wonderful pleasure has her own way of going about it and their own notion of what should feel good and what doesn't. Of course I realize that these ideas may come from having done it to someone else that may be particular about it and perhaps instructed them on how to do it best. Also some women may have watched it done in porno movies and assumed that what they were watching was the "proper" way to give a good BJ.

In my opinion, there is no "wrong" way. If you're lucky enough to have someone do you then you really should be happy with the fact that you are getting some face action at all! But, alas that's not always the case, I have found that some women are much, much better at doing it than others and sexual attitude, love for the recipient, method and style all have a role in defining just how good of an orgasm you can have. I think men are very lucky that most women seem to genuinely enjoy doing it in the first place, why, I'll probably never know. When I try to put myself in the mindset of a womans point of view, all I can think is, No Way! hehe

My first BJ's were done to me by the woman who would become my first wife. We were both sexual newbies for the most part, myself only being slightly more experienced than she was. When she would go down on me, she did it fairly gingerly, not a whole lot of passion involved, as though she didn't really enjoy it very much. She rarely allowed me to cum in her mouth and when she did, she always spit it out immediately. The orgasms were only so-so and I think she did it only to please me, definitely not because she just couldn't keep her lips off of it. Kinda sad really, sex with her was never all that great but we had a good marriage anyway in spite of the poor sex. However we grew apart rather quickly having gotten married too young I think and we divorced 4 years later.

After her, I was a free man for a number of years and the only head that I received wasn't anything to write home about, they were almost all one night stands with girls I had picked up somewhere for the sole purpose of having sex. There were a few notable exceptions but I'm not going to get into those here. This was about the time of my life when I was traveling and working all over Europe and I had many awesome sexual encounters that you can read about in my archives.

Next up, I met a woman through one of my early ex-girfriends and we instantly hit it off and started dating. She was very sexy and seemed very open minded about sex, we had a lot of fun getting to know each others bodies quite intimately. The first time she went down on me it was quite good! We were in the back of my van at a park and she was really getting into it big time! Judging by how good she was I assumed she wanted me to cum in her mouth, but, as soon as I did she started choking and gagging then hit me for daring to do that to her! She claimed that no one had ever done that before and that she was very angry. I thought it was kinda funny and picked on her about it and then finally after a couple days she admitted it wasn't bad at all and that first time was the last time she complained about me cumming in her mouth, after that, I did so everytime she gave me head and she swallowed. I married her!

Sex with her was incredible, we did so many things together in so many ways it makes even me blush when I think about some of our sexual adventures together. She was very, very good, one of the best really, she went down on me with wild abandon and swallowed cum like she couldn't get enough! She loved me to hold her by the back of her head with her face between my legs, and my fingers tangled in her hair and hump her in the face like I was forcing her to eat it. She liked me shoving it far back into her throat almost making her gag with the length and would have me do this to her all the time! She also nipped and scraped it with her teeth often and made me yell with the pain but I began to like it more and more and I would ask her to bite me, harder and harder while she stroked. The orgasms were insanely good, I couldn't get enough of her and she was always happy to oblige me with her mouth and I of course would do the same for her. She had a pussy that was very lickable and had a nice shape and color, and she kept it trimmed nice and short for me. I loved going down on her often and she loved having it done.

She had an obsession for my dick, she constantly had a hold of it in some fashion or other, either it was in her hands or in her pussy or her lips were wrapped tight around it, stroking it, sucking on it, licking it, even when I was a asleep! I would often wake up in the middle of the night to find her giving me head at 3am or she would be asleep with her hands holding my dick tight! Kinda strange I always thought, but very sweet. I mean she just could not go 5 minutes without touching it or grabbing it or fondling it in some kind of way no matter where we were. She was a lot of fun to be with for our 11 year marriage and I loved her with all my heart.

She was eventually diagnosed with breast cancer and that destroyed our relationship. She had a double mastectomy and then they found out it was too late to save her, the cancer had spread throughout her body and she would slowly die. She became listless and angry and hooked on pain pills and was getting totally drunk daily to escape the pain, so drunk that she couldn't even stand upright and she was hitting 2 different doctors and getting way more than enough morphine to kill the pain. She became total hell to be anywhere near and she eventually left me and moved back to her families hometown where she died in less than a year, a sick, sad ending to what had been a wonderful relationship.

Sorry, I got sidetracked there, that was years ago and I am long over it, lets see now... we were talking about BJ's !! hehe OK. Next up is the girl from.... Alabama! She was really something and taught me a lot about sex, stuff that even I had never experienced! But, since this post is getting kinda looooong and I have a ways to go yet, I'm gonna stop here and bring the rest as part 2!! haha sorry!

Have fun! *wink*
Friday, June 24, 2005

I Shot the Bird!

No, I don't mean that nasty crow. By the way, I don't go around shooting birds. Actually I deplore shooting or injuring any kind of wildlife, I've never gotten into hunting of any kind, I don't even like fishing for that matter. What I did shoot was a picture of a young hawk or maybe it's an osprey sitting in the birdbath in the backyard yesterday. I was sitting only about 15 feet away when I snapped this photo.

He was taking his good old time splashing around taking a nice bath. He must have been in there for over 15 minutes and the entire time there were two bluejays in the tree above him screeching like crazy, presumably to warn other birds in the area to stay clear of this hunter. Very funny actually as he just seemed to ignore the jays. Finally he noticed a bird passing by behind him and took off after it. I watched him chasing his prey until they were out of of range, I have no idea if the bird he was chasing got caught.

About a half an hour later another odd visitor showed up just sauntering along across the edge of the backyard looking very cool and elegant. Some type of egret I think, over 3 ft tall!

The backyard has 2 birdbaths and 2 bird feeders and is normally quite busy with birds of all kinds coming and going all day long, including several large green parrots that stop by daily. But the hawk and the egret are somewhat unusual to see, so I thought they were picture worthy. The house is a suburban neighborhood, not exactly the kind the place where you would expect to see hawks and egrets.

I love my new digital camera, I've had it a couple months now actually. It's a Kodak CX 7330 with a 3x optical zoom and I recently picked up a 512mb memory card for it that was on sale. It can take a whopping 1,600 photos on that card on the low quality setting or 600 on the highest quality! Or shoot 45 minutes of video, simply amazing! If any of you are looking for a low priced digital camera I highly recommend this one. I went thru several cameras and I was disappointed with each one and returned them each time till I tried this one. It's also the simplest to use out of the bunch and one of them was a $350 Olympus Camedia! This Kodak was only $150 and the card was on sale for $35. Not too shabby!!
Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My Punch Out List

I keep a running list of assholes, dumbasses, jerks and morons that I plan on punching out someday after I finally punch out. It doesn't matter if I go to heaven or hell, either way I figure that I'll have all eternity to track these fuckers down and just give em' a good punch in the eye, stomp on their foot, kick in the balls or just generally slap the bitches around for their transgressions while we were here on earth. I'm thinking that no matter where I end up, an eternity is gonna get booooring, eventually, and I might as well have something fun to do!

That said, here's a short list of recent inductees to my Punch Out List.
  • The asswipe that made a left turn in front of me a few months ago and forced me to slam into the side of your truck. I realize that accidents happen, but you get an extra special Mike Tyson style slam to the rib cage, a punch in the nose, and I'll bite your freekin' ear off for not even asking if I was hurt or not, double for your totally uncompassionate wife! Bastards! (read the full story here, with pictures!)
  • The woman that suddenly needed to cross over three lanes to make a U-turn instead of going a block or two further down the road and doing it safely, taking my life and safety into your foul and decrepit hands, nearly causing me to get run over by an 18 wheeler. That blue hair and the inch thick glasses isn't gonna stop me from slapping you silly with a large nasty catfish!
  • The lady at the Circle K convenience store for counting out $18.99 in ones and coins for a $20 dollar bill and not letting me slide on the penny for a $1.01 purchase. I realize that you had no choice on the ones but I'm gonna smack that toothy smirk off your ugly face someday when we meet again for the penny! Bitch!
  • The garbageman for appearing to purposely bust one of the wheels off the roll around garbage can. I saw you do it you ugly bastard, there's a big difference between tossing it to the curb and slammin' the motherfucker to the pavement like you were trying to break it! I'll go Muhammed Ali on your sorry ass when we meet again, multiple, lightning speed blows to the head and torso is your ultimate fate!
  • The mockingbird that likes to perch on top of my car to hunt bugs in the front yard, I know ya gotta eat and feed the babies and it's great fun watching you patiently hunt and strike like death from above on unsuspecting worms and grubs in the lawn below. BUT, do ya have to crap all over my freekin' car? I'm gonna yank a few of your tailfeathers out for that shit, you freaky, feathered, flying reptile!
  • The pharmacist at Walgreens for making me go 2 miserable days thinking I was gonna have to shell out over $500 bucks a month on my medications by mistakenly telling me my new insurance plan would not pay for them! You get a single, mighty George Forman body blow that will knock you flying off your feet and break a rib or two for that one! Bitch!
  • The huge black crow that perches on the oak tree branch outside my bedroom window early in the mornings and caw, caw, caws like a screaming, tortured banshee from purgatory and wakes me up at the crack of doom most mornings, I have a Daisy hi- powered pellet with your name on it you fucker, you have a death wish and I'm gonna send your sorry ass to hell, and then I'm gonna kill you over and over again when we meet there. I'll have all eternity to make your ass as miserable as I possibly can! Do they have pellet guns in hell?

Those are just my newest additions, of course the list is quite long since I've been keeping it for years now. I look forward to adding more! Hell yeah! hehe

I had some problems with my 'net service for a couple days, I could barely do anything online but it seems to be all fixed now, Thanks to Cox Cable for putting me on eternal telephone hold for nothing you bastards, you're gonna make my Punch Out List soon enough!

On the positive side though I was able to finish a brand new template for Rachael over at "As Always... Rachael", go over and check it out and make sure you leave comments! She writes some crazy off the wall shit that'll have you laughing and crying! Hell yeah!

Even MORE positive, it also gave me the time I needed to finish up my totally brand schpankin' new Blogs Gone Wild! site at it's own domain, woohoo! I think it helps to show off more of my graphics skills and it has some interactive Flash content. Theres also a bit of new stuff in the help section and cool blog stuff sections which I plan on expanding even more in the near future!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

If I had my way...

Windows would be a lot more fun. A few things that I think I would just have to change or add on:
  • Automatic updates of all your favorite porn site listings. Why fool around? We all know that the main thing that the internet is good for is porn surfing! Hell yeah!
  • Make an R-Rated version available with different error messages, instead of something like "File Access Denied" you would get instead, "No Way, Fucker!".
  • "Start" button? Too Lame! Label it "Start this Mofo'" instead.
  • "Please Wait" LOL Gimme a break, name that one "Gimme a Minute Fuckhead While I Dig Thru This Pile of Crap!"
  • "Recycle Bin" would become the "Dumpster". Why would you be worried about recycling freekin' electrons?
  • Replace that stupid hourglass with a little hand giving you the birdfinger while you wait or maybe some tiny little porn action for you to watch instead. Selectable for male/female of course!
  • Instead of "Windows Update" name it "This shit is full of security holes AGAIN, m'therfucker, PATCH THIS BITCH UP!"
  • In your email, instead of "Block Sender" name that button instead to read "Kick This Piece of Shit Spam Off My Fucking PC Forever!"
  • Design a program that automatically finds the HOME email of spammers and sends them a thousand nasty emails with photos of their wives taking on a donkey in Tijuana or their husbands taking it up the ass with every guy in a gay bar and then it spreads through their email program, forwarding the pics to all the friends listed in their address book.
  • Instead of a confirmation message that says just simply "OK" it should read "Hell Yeah!" or "Fuck Yeah!" or how about "I have done your evil bidding, Master!"

Those are just a few that I can think of offhand, what modifications would you make to Windows if you ran the show?!?!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Drug Crazed Squirrels

I happened to be looking out the back patio door late last night when I noticed a small dark aparition passing along the edge of the patio. I knew immediately he was up to no good with his evil glowing eyes so I ran and grabbed my camera. I managed to get this shot of him sneaking by as he kept peering over his shoulder.

Moments later I watched as he climbed into the large flowerpot near the window and started digging into the dirt inside. What could he be up to, I thought to myself. His nervous glances made me more and more suspicious as I watched and waited.

Finally he found what he was seeking! It was his weed stash, some buried pot that he must have hidden earlier. I watched in silence, and was able to get this shot of him moments after he lit up.

You can tell by the look in his eyes that he was stoned off his ass. Who knew that squirrels were pot smokers? This is truly a weird revelation into the secret life of the nocturnal habits of those sweet and innocent appearing furry critters. In the darkness they show their true colors in a way I had never imagined. Should I alert the DEA? FBI? I'll bet it's just a matter of time before they'll be roaming the streets at night, gangbanging and hitting up little old ladies for money to support their illicit drug habit.

Have a fun weekend!! wee!!!
Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Cake Attack!!

Ice cold birthday cake and fresh hot coffee in the morning. It just doesn't get any better than that! Hmm, well there is a Krispy Kreme just about 2 miles down the road... Another early morning, and the day is looking good. Thanks everyone on the sweet birthday wishes!! Woohoo!

Got a few things done on the entirely new, super secret, Blogs Gone Wild! project. I hope to unveil it in about a week or so. It's gonna be an entirely new look with added features! Tons of shit left to do though. eeeep!

Just finished a honkin' new template for Serra over at Whiplash Smile. Serra has a crazee, funny, sense of humor and it looks rippin' good if I must say so myself!

Got some scary bad news over the weekend from my pharmacy, they tried to tell me that my new medical plan as of June 1 would not pay for my very expensive immune supressing drugs that I must have to keep my liver from being kicked out of the 'hood by the rest of my body. Way more than I can afford! After freaking over how I was going to pay for it for 2 days I got word yesterday that my plan would indeed pay for the drugs! You talk about elated! Holy shit! Anyone like pharmacists head on a stick? LOL And then I got my bi-monthly blood test done yesterday and the doctors office called with even better news! They told me I can stop taking my last steroid! Killer!! Some bad shit has gotta happen soon, seriously! Things are just going too damned good if ya know what I mean! LOL

Freakish thundering, lightning, rainin' like a mofo' storm here yesterday. 5 inches in just a couple hours! The street out front was fully flooded and up over the sidewalk and it was looking like the house may even get flooded!! Wow! The lightning was truly intense and amazing, exhilarating to watch! Thankfully it slacked off and the streets are now clear, whew!

The lightning knocked out power to the City of New Orleans fresh water pumping system and most of the city was without water most of the day. The basements at the pumping plant were even flooded, no power! The fun thing though is the city has discovered a new way to make deadbeats come in and payup on their past due water bills as hundreds lined up to make payments thinking their water had been shut off!! LOL

Hell yeah, YOU payup biatch or we're gonna shut the whole city down, you freekin' deadbeats! LOL
Friday, June 03, 2005

Hotter Than Hades

Gahh! Another morning blown away, even after I'm all hopped up on my coffee fix. I have no idea why I do that, I get up very early, like 6 AM and then do some stuff on the 'net for a few hours and then crash and burn for a few hours. Half the day is gone! I hate when that happens! It's already quite hot here today, smokin' hot and dry after several days of rain. It's so pretty and sunny outside when viewed through a window but actually going out in it sukks!! If there was no airconditioning I would have to invent it for craps sake!

Some of you may know that I've been trying like a bitch to go to school since last November. It has finally happened! I am now officially a student as of yesterday, weee! I'm taking an online webmasters certification course thru Delgado University here in the Big Easy, hah! 6 months/150 hours of class time. What else would I take, LOL. The state has dragged their feet on paying for this course seemingly forever and my application was actually 3 days late beyond the cutoff date but after several days of virtual nail-biting on my part they accepted me!

The new problem is that the course is absolutely useless with out the accompanying textbook which they are apparently going to toss on to the back of the next pack mule headed in my general direction. Barring attacks from hostile indians, biker gangs and horny mule lovin' rednecks it should arrive in about a week or so. If the freekin' Pony Express was still running it would arrive sooner than that!

I earned a 2 year, full on college scholarship by evaluation thru my disability ( read My Liver Transplant story in the sidebar for more on my disability) but I declined it and opted for the certification classes instead. Hey, I already know how to freekin' read and write LOL.

In other news, to celebrate becoming a webmaster/student I finally took the plunge and have become an actual webmaster (not the first time actually, I had a site years ago for a PC repair business I used to own in Atlanta) by setting up a hosted site using one of my domain names www.blogsgonewild.net yay! It has lots of space and bandwidth and I paid for an entire year in advance! Woohoo! I may eventually move my blog to the site and switch over to using Wordpress to publish my blog. If any of you haven't seen the site yet there are a couple of tutorials I made to help with creating posts and embedding links into posts if you need any help there! Check it out!

Also, I am still skinning Haloscan comment boxes for anyone that wants it done, no fee! I can make it look purty and match your blog up to a certain extent depending on whether you have the paid version or not, even the free version can be customized quite a bit. Mine is the paid version for the curious.

I have a birthday coming up in a couple days, but of course now I'm at that age where I don't want any more freekin' birthdays. If you must send a present get me a new birthday suit please? The one I'm using is looking kinda worn and wrinkled lately LOL Don't bother asking how old I am cause I ain't telling! hell no! I do have an anniversary coming up that I plan on celebrating though. On July 10th it will be 1 year since my liver transplant and I never expected to live thru the entire ordeal. Seriously! I died twice and they revived me both times apparently, unless this is all a dream.... or maybe I'm in heaven, sometimes it sure feels like it! Or perhaps the Prozac I take daily works better than they actually claim. LOL

Imagine that, an entire year walking around as a zombie, the truly undead with a huge hunk of meat sewn into my belly that used to belong to someone else. The 14 inch long scar is now my symbol of life. Simply incredible... life is good! Weird though, I've never had a craving to eat anyone's brain, maybe that habit develops later on.

From the "I love to show off" department I just finished a new template over at my babes blog, Realm of the Demon Queen. Warning! Images may not be work safe and the content can be very sexually explicit! Not for the faint of heart, LOL She also posts stories written by other people if you are interested in contributing to the content!

Have a kikk azz weekend my friends! weee!!!!!
Wednesday, June 01, 2005

a whack music meme

Thank you so much Angel!! I'll get you for this!

Choose a band/artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band: Godsmack

Are you male or female: I Am
Describe yourself: I Stand Alone
How do some people feel about you: Straight Out of Line
How do you feel about yourself: Trippin'
Describe your ex girlfriend: I Fucking Hate You
Describe your current girlfriend: Releasing the Demons
Describe where you want to be: Goin' Down!
Describe what you want to be: Whatever
Describe how you live: Now or Never
Describe how you love: Serenity
Share a few words of wisdom: Bad Religion

The Random Ten:

1. New Years Day~ U2
2. 5 Minutes Alone~Pantera
3. Enter Sandman~Metallica
4. Fallen Rock Zone~Ra
5. Filth Pig~Ministry
6. Signs of Chaos~Ministry
7. Love You to Death~Type O Negative
8. Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck~Prong
9. Sweet Dreams~Marilyn Manson
10. Wasted Sacrifice~Killswitch Engage

What is the total amount of music files on your computer?

Around 200 I believe.

The last CD I bought stole is:

Rob Zombie...The Sinister Urge

Ozzy Osbourne...Prince of Darkness

What is the last song you listened to before this post:

Tainted Love~Marilynn Manson

Write down five songs you listen to a lot or mean a lot to you:

1. Crazy Train~Ozzy Osbourne
2. Vasoline~STP
3. In The Meantime~Helmet
4. Bleed the Freak~Alice in Chains
5. You Got Another Thing Coming~Judas Priest

Three people and why?

Steal This Meme!! Please!!!!