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Sunday, June 26, 2005

It's All About the BJ's

Well, there's actually a lot more to sex in my eyes than just the BJ's but the name of this post means that only this post is all about the BJ's. Although, I'm sure there are some men out there who might disagree with that! Either way, I've decided to talk about MY experience with having it sucked off by a person of the opposite sex. I've found through the years that just about every woman that has given me that wonderful pleasure has her own way of going about it and their own notion of what should feel good and what doesn't. Of course I realize that these ideas may come from having done it to someone else that may be particular about it and perhaps instructed them on how to do it best. Also some women may have watched it done in porno movies and assumed that what they were watching was the "proper" way to give a good BJ.

In my opinion, there is no "wrong" way. If you're lucky enough to have someone do you then you really should be happy with the fact that you are getting some face action at all! But, alas that's not always the case, I have found that some women are much, much better at doing it than others and sexual attitude, love for the recipient, method and style all have a role in defining just how good of an orgasm you can have. I think men are very lucky that most women seem to genuinely enjoy doing it in the first place, why, I'll probably never know. When I try to put myself in the mindset of a womans point of view, all I can think is, No Way! hehe

My first BJ's were done to me by the woman who would become my first wife. We were both sexual newbies for the most part, myself only being slightly more experienced than she was. When she would go down on me, she did it fairly gingerly, not a whole lot of passion involved, as though she didn't really enjoy it very much. She rarely allowed me to cum in her mouth and when she did, she always spit it out immediately. The orgasms were only so-so and I think she did it only to please me, definitely not because she just couldn't keep her lips off of it. Kinda sad really, sex with her was never all that great but we had a good marriage anyway in spite of the poor sex. However we grew apart rather quickly having gotten married too young I think and we divorced 4 years later.

After her, I was a free man for a number of years and the only head that I received wasn't anything to write home about, they were almost all one night stands with girls I had picked up somewhere for the sole purpose of having sex. There were a few notable exceptions but I'm not going to get into those here. This was about the time of my life when I was traveling and working all over Europe and I had many awesome sexual encounters that you can read about in my archives.

Next up, I met a woman through one of my early ex-girfriends and we instantly hit it off and started dating. She was very sexy and seemed very open minded about sex, we had a lot of fun getting to know each others bodies quite intimately. The first time she went down on me it was quite good! We were in the back of my van at a park and she was really getting into it big time! Judging by how good she was I assumed she wanted me to cum in her mouth, but, as soon as I did she started choking and gagging then hit me for daring to do that to her! She claimed that no one had ever done that before and that she was very angry. I thought it was kinda funny and picked on her about it and then finally after a couple days she admitted it wasn't bad at all and that first time was the last time she complained about me cumming in her mouth, after that, I did so everytime she gave me head and she swallowed. I married her!

Sex with her was incredible, we did so many things together in so many ways it makes even me blush when I think about some of our sexual adventures together. She was very, very good, one of the best really, she went down on me with wild abandon and swallowed cum like she couldn't get enough! She loved me to hold her by the back of her head with her face between my legs, and my fingers tangled in her hair and hump her in the face like I was forcing her to eat it. She liked me shoving it far back into her throat almost making her gag with the length and would have me do this to her all the time! She also nipped and scraped it with her teeth often and made me yell with the pain but I began to like it more and more and I would ask her to bite me, harder and harder while she stroked. The orgasms were insanely good, I couldn't get enough of her and she was always happy to oblige me with her mouth and I of course would do the same for her. She had a pussy that was very lickable and had a nice shape and color, and she kept it trimmed nice and short for me. I loved going down on her often and she loved having it done.

She had an obsession for my dick, she constantly had a hold of it in some fashion or other, either it was in her hands or in her pussy or her lips were wrapped tight around it, stroking it, sucking on it, licking it, even when I was a asleep! I would often wake up in the middle of the night to find her giving me head at 3am or she would be asleep with her hands holding my dick tight! Kinda strange I always thought, but very sweet. I mean she just could not go 5 minutes without touching it or grabbing it or fondling it in some kind of way no matter where we were. She was a lot of fun to be with for our 11 year marriage and I loved her with all my heart.

She was eventually diagnosed with breast cancer and that destroyed our relationship. She had a double mastectomy and then they found out it was too late to save her, the cancer had spread throughout her body and she would slowly die. She became listless and angry and hooked on pain pills and was getting totally drunk daily to escape the pain, so drunk that she couldn't even stand upright and she was hitting 2 different doctors and getting way more than enough morphine to kill the pain. She became total hell to be anywhere near and she eventually left me and moved back to her families hometown where she died in less than a year, a sick, sad ending to what had been a wonderful relationship.

Sorry, I got sidetracked there, that was years ago and I am long over it, lets see now... we were talking about BJ's !! hehe OK. Next up is the girl from.... Alabama! She was really something and taught me a lot about sex, stuff that even I had never experienced! But, since this post is getting kinda looooong and I have a ways to go yet, I'm gonna stop here and bring the rest as part 2!! haha sorry!

Have fun! *wink*