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Thursday, February 23, 2006

NYC Update

I'm having such a great time here that I've decided to stay longer at Lisa's invitation. I think my date of return to N.O. is late in the first week of March. I did a little guest blogging on Lisa's post today for fun, sort of a she said, he said, writers embelishment thingy on one of her experiences in LA.

The weather here has been pretty decent following the blizzard that came through just before I arrived, the 2+ feet of snow is all gone and the temps have been pretty mild overall. Really nice! We went to that gay porn contest thing at a Village gay bar last week which I had intended to write about about, but it was actually pretty lame, not a lot to tell really. I had hoped to get some good writing material from the experience, that part was disappointing. Hell, I've never been in a gay bar before!

We did get to watch Deni play one song though before the contest began and that was really cool. She is quite a performer and she got a lot of cheers from the audience. She sang her song about wanting to get arrested, hehe. In a gay bar! haha There's no way in hell I would want to get arrested in a gay bar!

I've been pretty busy with blog work pouring in like crazy, completed a few new templates and website work and I've even managed to squeeze in a total reworking of my Blogs Gone Wild! website. A totally new look and some new material and updates. Check it out!

I'll be back in a couple of days with more! Meanwhile have a great weekend everyone! woohoo!!
Thursday, February 16, 2006

iPod Mania

I'm really enjoying my stay in NYC and one of the best parts is getting to do a lot of walking around, going out to eat, seeing various sites, and people watching. People watching has always been one of my favorite pastimes. One thing I notice here is that more people than not seem to have a freekin' iPod to listen to. Personally, I can't imagine enjoying music by having to stuff tiny little speakers into my ears but that's just me. Maybe it's something you just have to get used to.

It's amazing how many iPod variations are out there not to mention the bewildering selection of gadgets, gizmos, addons, and plug-ins available for the damn things. Everytime you go in an electronics store the very first display you see is all the crap they have available to sell you to make you part with your hard-earned money for more iPod doo-dads. Even with all of that I think they are missing the boat on a few possible iPod variations that make just as much sense as some of the silly crap already available.

Without too much effort I was able to come up with a few iPod variations of my own that I'm sure could make tons of money... or not! LOL

Above: I think they're totally missing the boat on the highly lucrative pirate market. I call this version the iPatch PiratePod, a very exclusive niche marketing opportunity which is not only a perfect gift for your favorite pirate but also great for all your vision impaired one-eyed friends!!

Above: Here's another variation that's sure to please all you goofy hat wearers out there, with this modified version of the video iPod you could have a slide show running for everyone else to see with photos of your dog, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your favorite make out sessions, your totally boring vacation to the Grand Canyon or anything else that you want to show off. I call this iPod variation the iHat HairPod!

Above: Why not have your iPod do double duty, not just a music player! You could have this cool ass iPacer HeartPod implanted into your chest to make your heart beat to the music, from mellow, soothing mood music to heart pounding heavy metal, this iPod variation would be perfect for friends and family with a heart condition or everyday exercise junkies! Just think, having a heart attack could be very entertaining for both you and your would be rescuers!

Above: For the pooch that has everything! I call this one the iPaw PetPod, now your favorite dog or cat could show off their incredibly good taste by wearing one of these cool devices on their paw. Maybe running slide shows from the Westminster dog show, or just displaying a picture or two of their favorite feline or canine friends. This dog is being very stylish by showing off a picture of Lisa's dog, Ally da Pup!!!

Above: This particular variation, iPax Tampods, would be perfect for the woman that loves to wear skin tight, skimpy clothing and has absolutely no place else to stick their iPod, or just hates to carry tampons around for emergency situations. Moving to the music would take on a whole new meaning!

Now all I need to do is find someone foolish smart enough to fund the manufacturing of these cool new iPods, maybe I could retire!

Which one is your fave?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sexual Olympics

It's time for the Olympics again. I enjoy watching quite a few of the events, the opening ceremonies last night were pretty good, I was amazed that they actually had a Formula 1 race car roll out and do donuts center stage though, that was pretty cool. Only the Italians would do something so wacky, I'm not so sure the nearby spectators enjoyed the lingering stench of burning rubber afterwards though! At first I thought the driver was going to try to replicate the olympic rings with tire marks but the coverage cut away to a freeking commercial too soon to tell! Bastards!

I was lucky to happen to be living in Atlanta at the time of the '96 summer Olympics and it was one helluva lot of fun, I didn't go to any of the actual sporting events though, me and several friends hung out in the village area getting drunk with the tourists and the athletes.

Many of the sponsors had huge "hospitality" tents set up for entertainment and hanging out with all the ongoing events displayed on huge widescreen TV monitors. The event tickets were really quite expensive and all the good seats to the best events had been sold out long ago. Besides, getting blitzed in the gigantic Budweiser tent watching the big screens and swilling cheap beer was as close as we really needed to get. The cool part was there were free shuttle buses hauling people in from all over Atlanta so there were no parking issues and no need for designated drivers! Hell yeah!

Sadly though, you know some fucking stupid asshole is going to come along and ruin it for everyone else, remember, that was when Eric Rudolph bombed one of the events and went on the run and hid out in the woods for years and years. One person died, hundreds injured, many seriously. They really clamped down on security after that. It just wasn't the same atmosphere for the remainder of the Olympics thanks to that sorry little prick. They claim he will spend the remainder of his life in prison, I say they should just kill the fucker and be done with it.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the Sexual Olympics! It was a weird sci-fi movie made in England in 1968. I've never seen it myself and it really doesn't sound like it would be all that good. Have any of you guys seen it? hehe

Woohoo! I'm headed back to NYC this Monday to spend some time with my ever lovely sweetheart, Lisa of LisaBinDaCity for 8 days. We'll get to spend Valentine's day together and we've got quite a few cool things to do planned for the week. How cool is that!?

We'll also be hanging out with Deni and Last Guy, Deni is going to be a judge at some gay porn contest at a NY bar and we're all going to tag along, LOL That should be wildly interesting! If you guys are good I'll bring back some pictures! hahahaha And on another night we're going to go see Deni play at one of her music gigs. More fun!

Have a great weekend and Happy Valentines!!!
Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Stupid TV Shows

I'm constantly amazed at the tripe they present as actual TV shows these days. My own mom is a willing victim and seems to actually enjoy watching a lot of the crap that they try to pass off as "entertainment". Of course I have to tease her about what she watches, in a good natured ribbing sort of way , of course. The ones I find particularly offensive are the types that don't have any actual creative content. They rely on the hapless participants of the programs to provide all of the action presented. I'm sure this saves a shitload of money on writers. Too bad they don't pass the savings on to us the viewers by cutting down on the number and length of commercials shown.

Anyway I thought it would be fun to come up with my own shows that would probably be rejected by the networks, but then again, maybe not! Don't be too surprised if you see a few of these on TV some day!
  • Panhandling With the Homeless
  • Wheel of Torture
  • Polka Dancing With the Stars
  • Ugandan Idol
  • Mystery Injection
  • Are You My Daddy?
  • Hot, Gay Sex in the City
  • The Bastard
  • The Bitch
  • Survivor: Arkansas Trailer Park
  • Celebrity Deathmatch
  • Celebrity Colonoscopy
  • Celebrity Beard Growing
  • Survivor: PMS Island
  • Little Boys Pajama Party at Neverland
  • Celebrity Cyst Removal
  • Little Crackhouse in the Projects
  • ABC Afterschool Special - "Grandpa, I Said No!"
  • Fat Albert and the Cosby Crips
  • Smellville
  • How the West was Hung
  • Who Wants to Touch My Kitty?
  • The S Files
  • Bikini Waxing With the Stars
  • Law & Order: PVD (parking violations division)
  • CSI - Birmingham, Alabama

Can you guys think of any to add to the list?

Friday, February 03, 2006

Tornado Magnets

It's official. Three tornados touched down near here the other night and caused quite a bit of damage in the metro area. The one closest to us was less than 5 miles away! The storm that dropped them was so strong that it woke me up at about 2 AM when the power went off for about 7 hours. The lightning and the wind was some of the most intense I've seen and heard in a long time! I've had the near miss tornado experience several times before when I used to live in Atlanta. New Orleans rarely ever gets tornados, apparently we are lucky in that way, all we get are stupid hurricanes. I think we can now confirm the old myth that trailers are tornado magnets what with the thousands of FEMA trailers now dotting the New Orleans landscape! And of course I couldn't resist doing one more Photoshopped trailer. hehe

I wonder what's going to hit us next! Earthquake??? And hell, we've got the next hurricane season cranking up again in just a few short months, the next one will probably wash all these damn trailers out to sea! LOL

It's sad to see that the feds and Bush have decided to pour many more billions of dollars into wartorn Iraq (damage that we did!) than rebuilding a devastated New Orleans. The magnitude of the damage to everything here is still very overwhelming and will take many years to recover. Wouldn't it be funny if Louisiana seceded from the union and declared war on the US? That way the USA can invade the state and rebuild the hell out of it. Just think of all the money saved, it's already totally destroyed, no money wasted on bombs, planes and tanks! Maybe the feds can be convinced that La. is secretly building weapons of mass destruction and has a clandestine nuclear program. LOL

Maybe they can be convinced that the superdome is really a gigantic nuclear reactor? Hmmm... it sorta looks like one! hehe

Have a great weekend!