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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Is It Just Me...

Or does my gas tank really run dry faster when gas is over $3 than when the price is much lower.

Or does the traffic move slower and slower in direct relation to how late I am for an appointment.

Or do I always end up in the slowest moving line at the grocery.

Or should it be against the law to air drug commercials that don't tell you what the drug actually does.

Or are we now watching more commercials on TV than actual programming.

Or has HBO become an absolute waste of money.

Or is it just wrong to make it look like people with herpes always have more fun than everyone else.

Or has Donald Trump's hair-pie reached glorious new heights?

Or does Rosie O'donnell look just a bit toooo much like Jack Black?

Or is this the end of this silly post?