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Friday, December 15, 2006

Be Your Own Soda Jerk

Has anyone else tried this? One day I thought it might be fun to experiment with different soft drink combinations. Mixing and matching your own favorite flavors at self-serve soda fountains that are so common at fast food places these days. So far my favorite combination is Diet Pepsi with a good shot of Tropicana Lemonade on top. Delicious!
I've tried Coke and Fruit Punch, Root Beer and Mtn Dew and a whole bunch of others. Some were pretty good, some were terrible. But, hey you can always just give it a taste and if you don't like it, pour it out and start over! It's help yourself after all!
Give it a try yourself and post your favorite combos, I want to hear a few that you guys can dream up.

I've still been so busy with blog work that I can barely catch my breath! Here's a few new ones I've done since the last mentions: A new one for Sara at Life is a Journey, a website called Science and Supermodels, Nascar Rants, New Orleans Womens Golf Assoc., Nappily Evah Aftah, Bobology, Are We There Yet?, and The Sinister Minister.

I'm also selling PayPal gift certificates that can be purchased in multiple denominations toward a new template at my Blogs Gone Wild! site just in time for Christmas.

I'm also working on a project with a company to develop 10 blog themes for a scientific blogging community using a publishing platform called Drupal. I'm having to learn the system from scratch, but I like it! Drupal is like Wordpress on steroids, with a heavy duty content management system, multiple users and very customizable themes. I'm also in the middle of doing more personal blog skins.

And, in between all that I've also put up a whole bunch of new free to download themes at my Free Blogger Skins site. I sure hope all this work keeps coming in!

Hey!! I hope you guys have a great weekend!!!!