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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lousy Town

Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I know I did and now it's going to take at least a week to recover from the food overload, LOL. I drove over a 1000 miles visiting friends and relatives while I as away and noticed a lot of horrible names for towns on my trip.

Some of the names were truly bad, bad enough that there would be no way that I would want to live there. But then I started thinking that there had to be some that were even worse around the world, far worse than the ones I saw on my trip and here's a few that I found with just a bit of research.
  • Dikshit, India
  • Blue Ball, Pennsylvania
  • Big Knob, Kentucky
  • Dykesville, Wisconsin
  • Cunt, Spain
  • Bumpass, Virginia
  • Bastard, Norway
  • Chinaman's Knob, Australia
  • Dildo, Newfoundland
  • Ding Dong, Texas
  • Fukumama, Japan
  • Herpes, France
  • Knob Lick, Kentucky
  • Little Dix Village, West Indies
  • Mianus, Connecticut
  • Wankers Corner, Oregon
  • Wet Beaver Creek, Australia
  • Turkey City, Pennsylvania
  • Long Dong, China

Here's a few I made up that would most probably get rejected as town names:

  • Moose Balls, Alaska
  • Nut Scrape, Utah
  • Hemorhoid, Alabama
  • Hairy Bush, Texas
  • Ear Wax, Florida
  • Butte Munch, Nevada
  • Fente d'Ane (Ass Crack), Louisiana
  • Foot Fungus, Brazil
  • Snot River, Missouri
  • Sewageville, Ohio

What's the worst ones you guys have come across? =)