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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Many Thanks Everyone!

Your visits and heartfelt condolences are very much appreciated! The funeral for my grandmother was very nice and very well attended. It's sad, but passing is a part of life that we all must endure and we knew in our hearts that she didn't have much time left. We weren't exactly shocked when we got the news from the hospital that day. She lived a long, healthy and very fruitful life and when her time came she went without a whimper or complaint.

My mom was going thru her stuff right after her passing while looking for important papers and such and came upon a beautiful purple dress that she had tagged for her own burial. She looked very lovely and peaceful in that dress, she couldn't have made a better choice. She had also written her own obituary for the newspaper announcement. She knew her time was near and she had even told the hospital staff that she didn't want to be revived with drastic measures.

Beautifully. Gracefully.


Life here is slowly returning to normal as we try to deal with everything that must be done. The house here is still in a total shambles. Absolutely nothing has been done to the house since Katrina flooded it out over 1 year ago. FEMA is still dragging their concrete encased, leaden feet with getting the approvals and engineering up to speed to even get started on the repairs. How fuckin' sad is that??? I'll be doing an in depth post on that soon to explain just how fuckin' pitiful the government can be when trying to "help".
"FEMA = Fix Everything My ASS".


Now for the good shit! I finally got some test results last week about how well my chemotherapy is doing and it's kicking ASS!!!! They tell me that I'm actually cured!!!! Rock on!!!! Unfortunately, I will have to endure 3 more months of chemo to ensure that it has no chance of returning. As of now though, the virus is undetectable in my blood stream!! Damn that's the best news I've gotten since I was told my liver transplant was a success!

I was extremely ill for a few months though with the chemo drugs, so ill in fact they made me stop halfway through because I was almost completely bedridden and so anemic that I would need blood transfusions. I had to take a break for a while which has given me this window of feeling quite healthy again. Too bad I'll be getting sick again for a few more months till I'm all done with the therapy. Bleaaaah! hehe But I'm cured and that's the main thing!! woohooo!!!


In other news I've been very, very busy with blog work!! hell yeah!!! Check out these bad boys that I finished up this past week! Brianne had me make up another skin for her new blog at "The Rantings/Neurotic Writer" , very colorful! Here's one for a very nice lady at "Naked on Rollerskates" , LOL I just love that title!!!! And one I delivered just last night at "Principles of Lust" which is very sexy and features lots of naughty content, hehe Weeee!

Hope you guys are having an ass kickin' weekend!!