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Friday, June 23, 2006

Ok, OK! Here's an Update!

I'm fine and healthy, thanks for the concerns to everyone that came by during my extended absence. I look at my statcounter occassionally to see who my visitors are. LOL. I've just been very busy lately with other projects and felt like taking some time off from blogging. One project was helping to do a complete rework of the Family Network on Disabilities of Florida website which is coming out really nice. I've also put up a whole bunch of free to download skins over at my Free Blogger Skins site, which has been getting tons of daily traffic. I'm really pleased with it's awesome search engine ranking, it comes up #1 for it's main keywords, like "free blog skins" which is pretty damn cool! It took a lot of work to get it there though, lots of linking!

I finally started my interferon therapy last Friday, I'm extremely happy about that. So far I haven't gotten very sick which is good but I'm going to withold judgement on that for a bit longer. I take my second injection today, I'm not sure how it will accumulate and if it will make me feel any worse. So far the worst symptoms have been lots of muscular aches and pains and I feel constantly on the verge of getting a headache which is kind of weird. I do feel generally weak and lethargic and it takes a lot of effort to get my ass in gear to do anything, but overall the experience hasn't been near as bad I expected. So far. (fingers crossed) LOL

The list of possible side effects associated with this drug is a mile long including hair loss (eeep!! not that!!), severe depression, suicide, heart attack, stroke, severe anemia, high fevers, blindness, vision damage and a whole lot more than I can possibly list here. The injections come in a box of 4 pre-filled syringes which is a months supply that I have to administer myself. That one month's supply costs $2,000!!! Thanks to insurance I only have to pay 20% of that but even then it is still a big chunk of change!! Holy crap, the cost of medicines is just insane these days, isn't it?

My surgery is all healed up and that came out rather well so no problems there! In a couple of weeks I'll be celebrating 2 years since my liver transplant, that will be a nice milestone to see. I took the link down to my blog that has the short story about my liver transplant a while back. I decided that I would no longer allow the transplant to be a defining factor in my life and move on! I started to feel like there were times when I used the fact that I'm a transplant survivor as a sort of a crutch to make excuses for some of my personal shortcomings, but hell, I don't think it will make any difference in the long run.

For the moment though I'm just looking forward to getting this therapy out of the way, which could take up to 7 months or as short as 3 months depending on how well the drug works in my system. There's also a chance it won't do shit and it will all be for nothing, including the nearly 2 year wait to even start taking the medication. I try not to dwell on that possibility though! hehe

I can't promise I'll be around much for the next couple of weeks or so, but you guys are always in my thoughts!! I will be back though!! Have a great weekend everyone!! Hugs!!