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Monday, May 15, 2006

Lame Phishing Attempts

I get quite a few phishing attempts in my email Inbox from assholes trying to steal my login information for various accounts that I may or may not have. Quite a few are from dickheads trying to get my name and password for my Chase Bank account, LOL I don't even have a Chase Bank account! I just delete them as fast as they come in but I also get quite a few from thieves trying to steal my Paypal account info.

They never have my actual account name so you know right off that it's a spoof and a scam no matter how convincing and genuine the information in the email looks. Except for one that came in that really, really pissed me off. They actually had scavenged my exact Paypal account holder name right off one of my webpages and sent the email directly to me in a very well done email, complete with the Paypal logo and well written text. Someone took the time to actually target me directly as opposed to being one of thousands sent in a mass mailing. That was kinda spooky!

As a matter of course I just forward the phishing attempts off to Paypals security team so they can shut the site down by sending it unchanged or edited to spoof@paypal.com which is what I suggest anyone should do if they get one of those phishing attempt emails. Turn the scumbag bastards in!! Paypal always gets back to me right away with a reply verifying that it was a scam and they thank me for helping out.

There was one in particular though that had me laughing my ass off! This attempt was so lame and so poorly written that it was actually quite funny! I saved the text from the email so you guys could have a laugh at this moron too...

PayPal - Notification

Dear PayPal Client!

Having provided the constant support and check of your billing data on file with PayPal we managed to discover a little error in it. You can use you card only for the purpose of identification, the charge at will is impossible. This very type of user's identification lets PayPal! store a safe place to make a purchase, manage the verification of your account data. Setting up a seller account needs valid debit or credit card and verification of account data. In case of automatic payments the charge of credit card usually lasts 5-7 days after getting the invoice. Confirm the necessary information. Mind that your account accepting can be invalid for non-payers and your responsibility may include costs accepting.

To entry the confirmation page you should click here

Be sure, you've made right choice paying attention to this matter. Sorry for any inconveniences but we woul! d like you to understand that it is just a safe way of your account protection. Please understand that this is security measure meant to help protect you and your account user account.
The PayPal Team Copyright 1999-2006 PayPal. All rights reserved.

LOL, isn't that just about the worst thing you've ever read? Anyone that falls for that load of crap deserves to have their account information stolen! What about you guys? Do ya'll get a lot of these things in your email too?