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Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Try not to get toooo drunk! LOL I know I haven't been around much lately and I apologize for that but I've been a very busy boy, really I have. Besides spending three kick ass weeks in NYC with the lovely Lisa I've been creating websites and blog skins out the wazoo! Some really cool stuff too!

Check out this killer new template I did for Redneck Mommy, very cool! I've also set up two different sites for downloading free blog skins! One site is here at Charm Skins for Blog Charm which is a really cool new blogging platform from the folks over at Blog Explosion. They pay you to blog! They run very small advertisements in the nav bar at the top and then split 50% of the proceeds with the people on the blogs depending on how popular your site is. It has some really nice features compared to Blogger, including categories for your posts. If you've been thinking about ditching Blogger I would recommend it.

The other site is Free Blogger Skins which also has some really nice skins to download for free! That's a shit load of new skins I've created and coded in the past few weeks!

I've finally finished my new web design site at Fire Site Designs and it got very good reviews from a couple of different webmasters that review stuff like that. I'm pretty happy about that!

And finally I have a brand new site called Blog Flak that is just now opened with it's own forums and it will be featuring reviews on blog platforms and blog sites and graphic software and general blogging news. Also I'm seeking reviews from people on several different topics that are listed there and winning submissions will receive Blog Explosion credits. I'll also be putting up reviews on free software that I find that can make blogging more fun! Cool stuff!

Everyone is welcome to come by and join the forum! See ya there!

And don't forget, I'm still doing my thing over at Blogs Gone Wild! Always looking for more! LOL

Have a great weekend!!!