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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

That Bike Goes That Fast!?!?

I've always owned some type of motorcycle or another from my teen years on up to just a few years ago. My first bike was a dinky little Yamaha motocross dirtbike I paid for with money from my paper route when I was in jr. high all the way up to several Harleys in my later years. I raced motocross for many years as a teen and moved up to bigger and faster motocrossers as I got older and once I got tired of that I went over to the big super bikes for the street. They were extremely fast and agile street racers that were tons of fun to ride and sometimes just a bit scary. The fastest one I owned though was a Suzuki GS 1100, which was a real screamer but I added on a few goodies like high profile camshafts, bigger carbs, header exhaust and a super duty clutch to make it even faster. It looked just like the bike in the picture below but it had a really cool custom paint job.

My brother, a couple of years younger than me was always trying to one up me with his toys. Kawasaki came out with a new fuel-injected GPZ 1100 street racer that was arguably the fastest bike on the road at the time. This bike was guaranteed to do 160 mph top speed and cover the 1/4 mile in about 10 seconds right off the show room floor! And yes, it was faster than mine! Fucker! It looked just like the bike in the picture below.

Of course it ticked me off that I no longer had one of the fastest bikes around and since it was my little brother that made it even worse! One day we both happened to be visiting my parents and we each had our bikes parked in the driveway. My brother was extremely picky about his stuff and didn't like anybody touching his bike, not even me. I just had to get a test ride on his super fast bike though and after a lot of nagging and aggravating the hell out of him he finally agreed. I had to practically shame him into it though. Grudgingly he handed me the keys.

I went out and fired it up and rode off to find some place safe where I could see just how fast this bad boy was. I have to admit the damn thing was incredibly quick, with so much power that you REALLY had to be hanging on when you rolled the throttle back or you would just go flying off the back of it, losing your grip on the handlebars. It was just as fast as it's reputation, that bike was just amazing. I drove around for about half an hour, rolled it up to about 120 a couple times, stopped a couple times to smoke the rear tire just for fun and I finally brought it back to the house with a huge grin on my face.

My brother was standing out in the driveway with my mom and he was very impatiently waiting for my return. I could tell by the look on his face that he was not happy at all about me being gone for so long. As I was climbing off the bike he complained about how long I had taken to do "just a quick test ride".

I answered "Sorry bro, guess I just lost track of the time, but don't worry I didn't take it much over 100 mph". I already knew he would never let me ride again so what difference did it make. LOL

My mom who was standing right there thought I was kidding though and asked something like "Where can you go around here that you could go over 100 mph?"

I stupidly answered "Mom, this bike is so fast that I could start from right here in front of the house, easily hit 100 mph and still be able to slow down in time to make the turn at the end of this block".

I saw my mom's jaw drop at what I just said, and she yelled out "That bike goes that fast??!!?? OH MY GOD!!!!" shaking her head in absolute dismay. I swear I thought she was gonna faint right there!

My brother just shook his head at me saying "Thanks a LOT bro, Thanks a LOT!!!"

Apparently he had given my mom some lame song and dance that the bikes weren't really very fast. LOL!! And my poor mom probably didn't sleep for days after that worrying about the two of us!!