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Friday, February 03, 2006

Tornado Magnets

It's official. Three tornados touched down near here the other night and caused quite a bit of damage in the metro area. The one closest to us was less than 5 miles away! The storm that dropped them was so strong that it woke me up at about 2 AM when the power went off for about 7 hours. The lightning and the wind was some of the most intense I've seen and heard in a long time! I've had the near miss tornado experience several times before when I used to live in Atlanta. New Orleans rarely ever gets tornados, apparently we are lucky in that way, all we get are stupid hurricanes. I think we can now confirm the old myth that trailers are tornado magnets what with the thousands of FEMA trailers now dotting the New Orleans landscape! And of course I couldn't resist doing one more Photoshopped trailer. hehe

I wonder what's going to hit us next! Earthquake??? And hell, we've got the next hurricane season cranking up again in just a few short months, the next one will probably wash all these damn trailers out to sea! LOL

It's sad to see that the feds and Bush have decided to pour many more billions of dollars into wartorn Iraq (damage that we did!) than rebuilding a devastated New Orleans. The magnitude of the damage to everything here is still very overwhelming and will take many years to recover. Wouldn't it be funny if Louisiana seceded from the union and declared war on the US? That way the USA can invade the state and rebuild the hell out of it. Just think of all the money saved, it's already totally destroyed, no money wasted on bombs, planes and tanks! Maybe the feds can be convinced that La. is secretly building weapons of mass destruction and has a clandestine nuclear program. LOL

Maybe they can be convinced that the superdome is really a gigantic nuclear reactor? Hmmm... it sorta looks like one! hehe

Have a great weekend!