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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Back in the Dumpster

I'm baaaaack! After an amazingly fun 16 day trip to NYC I have to come back to N.O. where things haven't changed one damn bit. The place is still an uber hell hole of broken promises, badly damaged houses and businesses, piles of rotting garbage and debris everywhere and no end to it in sight. Can ya tell I'm happy to be home? Yeah, I didn't think so! I'm very much wishing I could have stayed in NYC longer but I've too much to do here. Besides, NYC is where Lisa is and I'm missing her very much! We're already talking about the next time we can get together, maybe she will come here on the next go round, but that's undecided as of yet.

I loved being in NY, I've always been a big city kinda guy except for the part where it sucks to own a motorcycle, there's no where to ride the fucker! I do love the being able to walk to every place you need to go though, every convenience you could ever want or need is seemingly just around the corner in a place like NYC. Ya gotta love that!

A few things about my trip: I learned that it's not a good idea to throw your cell phone under a city bus. Well, maybe I didn't actually throw it, it flipped off my pocket, hit the corner of the curb as I was stepping on a bus and it clattered and bounced about 2 feet up under the bus. I had to get down on hands and knees in the street and snatch it from certain doom before the front wheel of the bus crushed it to smithereenies. It was broken anyway as it turned out, the display was now totally blanked. To top it off I think I did some kind of totally illegal yoga move and wrenched my back while trying to retrieve it! Grrrr. I hate when that happens!

I learned that fresh dog poop is a very valuable commodity. Everywhere you walk you see people picking it up off the sidewalks, who knew? I wonder how much an ounce sells for and what do you do with it? Smoke it maybe? Or do people just add it to their collections, like trophies? I also found out that it sucks ass to step in it! Damnit, I really hate when that happens!

I learned that you can get some kick ass pizza by the slice and soft drinks for 2 people and walk away full for $6.50! Dude, that's cheaper than fucking McDonalds! Or you can spend $6 bucks on a fucking draft beer in almost any restaurant, or bar. I've had cheaper beers at NFL footbal games for craps sake where they are known to be way overpriced!

I learned that you can get the most incredible hot pastrami on rye sandwich at the Carnegie Deli with the meat piled no less than 3 inches thick and it's so tender it practically melts in your mouth for $12.95 or you can get a "genuine" Rolex watch on any street corner for $8 bucks! How cool is that?

You can't go to NYC and not visit this place. It's the famous restaurant that has thousands of autographed pictures on it's walls of every freekin' celebrity that ever walked the planet, from Milton Berle to Rob Schneider. I'll have to send them one of me, I wonder if they'll put it up? LOL

Have a great weekend everyone! woohoooo!!