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Friday, December 02, 2005

Outhouse Banditos

I spent most of one summer during my high school years visiting a buddy named Keith in Arkansas in the hills near Little Rock. We stayed on his grandparents farm and helped work the fields for a $1.00 an hour plus room and board. We also helped out part-time at his fathers new Suzuki motorcycle shop, meaning we got to ride lots of cool motorcycles and we also did a lot of motocross racing every chance we got. We even got to help build a motocross track that his father's shop sponsored with races every other weekend. We also had an incredible amount of fun cruising around, getting drunk, taking double dates to the drive-in and other assorted mayhem.

The area was extremely rural and many farmhouses still didn't have full indoor plumbing, meaning they had an outhouse somewhere in the backyard. Keith had a couple of friends that often hung out with us and one day one of them got the bright idea to "steal" someones outhouse that belonged to someone they didn't like.

We were drunk and of course anything like that is going to sound like a good idea to a bunch of high school kids. So the next night we loaded up in Keith's van and went out to this person's house late in the evening and snuck around back to where the outhouse was. Now, for those that don't know exactly how an outhouse works, basically all it is is a small shed with a shelf with a big hole in it that you sit over and directly below the seat area there is a hole or small pit dug in the ground to hold the waste. Very simple really and usually the shed itself is not permanently attached to the ground to make it easier to move it to different locations around the backyard when the pit gets full. Once it's full the pit can be covered with dirt and the waste is allowed to decompose back into the soil.

When we "stole" an outhouse we really didn't take it far, all we did was pick it up and move it back about 5 or 6 feet, exposing the pit which is now directly in front of the door. The idea was that anyone coming out to use it in the dark would step into the pit! I have to admit that we thought this was absolutely the best prank ever, we really laughed our asses off hoping someone would fall for it. Of course we had so much fun with this that we had to do it again and again and we actually made the local town's newspaper.
Outhouse Bandits Strike Again!
was on the front page with a warning to bring a lantern with you if you went out at night. I think we did it about 5 time overall.

What was the best prank you ever pulled?