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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I'm sure you all realize that the last post was total BS, just a freeky, scary little story I concocted for Halloween day. I need to tell you though that Magz is seriously in a world of hurt right now, she was involved in a nasty horsewreck the other day and needed some serious medical attention. She will be OK though, I talked to her on the phone last night, some rest and healing time will have her good as new, eventually. Go over and offer up some sympathy for her if you would, she sure could use it! She has a post up explaining more about what happened with a picture to boot! Go ahead over there, I'll wait right here.

Now, on to the true story! Meeting Magz was quite an experience for me, she's sweet and wild and a bit crazy and kind and generous to a fault, will give you the shirt off her back, which she literally did when she realized I had hardly any clothes with me from my New Orleans evacuation (I especially like the black Las Vegas Harley Davidson T-shirt). She's also a liar, see, she doesn't watch much television, she has one but, she only watches video tapes or dvds on it. She lives too far away from all the TV stations to be able to pick up anything worth a shit over the air and cable is unavailable to her. She knew I was extremely worried about the ongoing disaster unfolding in New Orleans so she rented a local motel room for us to stay in the first 4 days/nights I was there so I could watch all the news channels on their satellite hookup. The story she gave me though was that she knew the people there so well that she only had to pay for one day (about $40) and they would let us stay for several days.

I learned the truth however when I checked out and they handed me the receipt for the lodging and they had charged her credit card the full $40 for each day! I was pissed that she had tricked me, but, bless her heart she knew I didn't have the money for it and she was just being very sympathetic to my situation! Or, maybe it was that she just wanted the use of the motel pool which she spent quite a bit of time playing in! hehe Probably a combination of both, either way I will be eternally grateful for it.

I ended up staying there about a week and a half before heading back towards Fort Worth. I got to know her two dogs really well, Blanche and Holly Davidson, two very sweet and loving Rottweilers. We also had a lot of fun in the meantime, visiting Tombstone (which I already wrote about) was a kick in the ass. Tombstone is only about 25 miles from her home. It's a tourist trap yes, but it has a cool atmosphere about it, it wasn't very crowded either and the shops have some really unique stuff. The old west saloons were a lot of fun too. I really loved the way the local population all dressed the part of being residents of an old western town. I was also treated to some of the best mexican food ever at one of the local restaurants, yeah we ate way too much!

Overall I had a really great time visiting Magz and checking out Arizona and desert life in spite of being worried about what was going on with my family and the house in New Orleans. I did get to share a large portion of my music collection with her, left her some copies of my favorite software and showed her how to use it and I taught her a bunch of shit about her computer, which she probably has forgotten by now! LOL If you ever get invited to visit Maggiez Farm you really should go!

Yeah, I was getting pretty tired of the creepy Halloween template, I was having a lot of trouble waiting for Halloween to pass before I changed the look of my blog! But this just looks too damn plain!! I need some ideas on a new look! Anyone have any suggestions? hehe

I've recently completed a few new templates for other people though, if you wanna check them out: View From the Fairway, Fugetaboutit and Thoughts That Keep Me Awake are all very cool and great bloggers too! Give em a read and tell em I sent ya! Hell yeah!