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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The water is gone...

but I'm still treading water. I've been in touch with the temporary clinic my doctors have set up in Baton Rouge but so far they haven't given me any instructions on where to go or what to do about my blood work. They claim that I will be able to choose from several different locations, including ones in Hammond where I am at the moment and one in the N.O. area where I may just go back to stay for a while. I hate being in limbo, not knowing what drastic changes tomorrow might bring, but it does help stave off the boredom!

I finally broke down and bought a nice little notebook PC, for years I always felt that I would never need or even want to use one. I've been telling myself for weeks now that if I just wait one more week I'll be back up to speed, that shit has gotten old! I'm tired of not having my own 'net connection with MY own PC so I took the plunge. It was way outside my budget but I felt I had no choice. It has built in hardware for both wired and wireless and also dial-up internet. The damn thing works great actually, much better than I expected but still a lot slower than my screaming fast homebuilt desktops.

Of course, when I finally get my old 'net connection back the laptop will likely gather tons of dust! LOL Ya just can't win...

I reopened Blogs Gone Wild! on Monday though, and now that I have a relatively stable place to work from maybe I can continue with my work and classes, Yay! Finally some good shit!! Woohoo! It was nice to see a blog order in my email the very next morning!

Here's a couple of pics from the past few weeks on the road. These were taken in Tombstone.
I signed a dollar and they hung it up in Vogans Alley for the next time I pass thru town, doing that assures that you'll have enough money to get a shot of whiskey, a hot bath and a shave if you're broke the next time. Some kind of cool old cowboy tradition.

That outlaw was having a bad day huh? I think he needs to see a doc or maybe a necromancer...

One of my blogger friends has sent me a cash donation in spite of me refusing such offers, dear lady, you rock and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I'll try to put it to good use!!! Hugs and kisses!! I would put your name here but I didn't think to ask if that was ok. I'm constantly amazed at the outpouring of well wishes and sympathy for my situation that you guys have shown me for the past few weeks with all your sweet comments and emails, it's definitely one of the biggest things that keeps me going!

I may be down but I ain't out!! Keepin' the faith!