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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Few Pics...

I was finally able to transfer some pictures!! Yay!! The TV and VCR, Digital Cable box and the DVD player are all moldy oldies now! LOL!! The shit smells so bad... now we have smellavision!! And thats just the living room stuff, there's an even larger TV in the den with all the goodies in the very same fucked up condition.

A pretty good shot of the tree resting on the back of the house, you can see my dad in the red shirt inside the patio door on the right. We're gonna have to hire people to come in and remove the tree, the squirrels are gonna be PISSED!! hehe
One of the first things I had to do was run upstairs and check on the grrrls!! They both fired right up!! Woohoo!! Still no 'net connection of any kind over there though, again I'm blogging from a friends house a few miles away.
A quick self-portrait while I was out in the yard surveying and taking photos of everything, I took over 160 pictures of damage inside and outside of the house.
I have tons more photos that I will upload later when I can. We've been working our slap happy asses off cleaning all the debris out of the lower floor. The stench is incredible after 3 weeks of moisture sitting closed up in a hot wet house. There is water trapped inside the kitchen cabinets, mold and mildew growing up the walls, the floors and carpets are all ruined and we moved every stick of furniture out into the backyard yesterday, all destroyed!! Virtually everything on the lower floor is unsalvageable. I'll have to post pics of the gut piles after we're finished hehe But we're getting it done! Hell yeah!!

We may have to haul ass again in the next day or two if Rita turns our way, wouldn't that be a kick in the ass to get another one right over us!!! The governor cracked me up last night, mentioning someshit about moving all the stuff that you've just dragged OUT of your house back INSIDE!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!