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Saturday, September 10, 2005

What can I say???

It's all been said, the good stuff, the bad stuff, the sad stuff, the happy stuff. The blame game, the political backstabbing, the talking heads on the tube are incessant and annoying, stupefying, mindless and useless. Sometimes I wanna just reach thru the screen and hug the intelligent people and the next moment, strangle the idiots. I have my own opinion on a lot of what I've seen, some good, some bad. Praise and thanks go to the rescuers, whoever they may be and however they were able to do it, even if they saved one single person from the mire they are a hero, no doubt about that. Just being there and lending a helping hand in any way shape or form makes you a hero.

I consider myself to be one of the very lucky ones, all my kin are alive and well, I'm healthy and well fed, warm and am able to choose my destiny from here on. Too many don't have that option, they also have no where to go and have lost everything and loved ones, I feel very sorry for them, especially the ones that had no choice but to stay for whatever reason. If they had a way out of the city before the storm and didn't take advantage of it then all I can say is fuck 'em. Don't whine to me or anyone else about your fucked up situation, it's not my fault and no one else's but your own. You made the choice, now shut the fuck up and live with it.

To the peeps that had no way out, I'm sad for you and I know this country will help in every way possible, the outpouring of food, money, clothing and shelter from all directions has been nothing short of amazing. Offers for a place to stay have been pouring in from my blogging friends, everyday I get a new case of the warm fuzzies. (I like that) hehe.

I heard this morning that my brother's house in Hammond, La. now has power and they are packing up to head out of Baton Rouge and home. I may end up there later this week, but it promises to be a very crowded house from what I undertand. I may move on from there rather quickly, who knows where! LOL I would love to do a blogging tour to meet as many of you guys as possible but money is a bit tight and the cost of gas alone has put a damper on driving, that part sucks. I still may do it though....

We also heard that they've locked down the area I live in, Jefferson Parish for the next 3 weeks at least, going to the house to retrieve personal belongings is out of the question now! And it's also confirmed that the huge oak tree in the backyard has tipped over and is leaning against the house, damaging the roof and rear wall but hasn't actually crushed the house. Also that one of it's branches has busted thru my bedroom window, the idea of squirrels and birds moving into my bedroom while I'm gone pisses me off!! Just stay out of my computers and what remains of my clothes ya little shits!!

It took a lot of doing but I was finally able to register online with FEMA for aid, at first they tried to tell me that I don't exist (I always hate when that happens!) although I don't know what they can do for me or will. I had tried the highly publicized phone number they keep flashing on the TV but calling that sumbitch gets you a machine that says they're too busy to talk to you, tells you to try back later and then hangs up on you!! WTF is that about! Bastards... I was able to register with the Texas Human Resources office, they gave me a debit card for some grocery money (food stamps). I've also gotten in touch with the Methodist Hospital here in Dallas, they want me to come into the liver transplant unit over there and get my blood samples done to check on my health and liver condition, so I'm happy about that. They will also hook me up with a Doc if they see a problem with my blood samples...

I plan on meeting tCj and a couple of other bloggers (that I don't know) in the Dallas area tomorrow sometime. We've talked by phone a couple times, she sounds really sweet, hehe. I'm going to try to enjoy myself as much as possible and keep a smiling face up, a chip on my shoulder for the asshats and just live. I really don't see a point in fretting or crying about what's lost or what might be lost. I just want you guys to know that I'm doing ok and look forward to reading more from you all as I try to catch up on all your blogs!!! Big hugs and lotsa poinks!!!!! =)