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Monday, September 05, 2005

Home Front Update

I don't have a lot of news really, but I wanted to update you guys anyway. My grandma and uncle are still in N.O. and are doing ok. I've heard that they may be letting people back into my area of the city starting tomorrow to gather remaining personal belongings but that's not confirmed. I can imagine that the moment they announce that any road is open going in it will immediately become inundated with travelers and sightseers and the traffic will be a bumper to bumper crawl for hours on end. That doesn't sound very inviting. I was talking to my mom yesterday and I think they've decided to forego heading back for now until there is power and water. My brother and family who are staying at friends in Baton Rouge still do not have power at their home in the Hammond, La. area so they are holding tight as well.

I may be heading back up to Dallas, Tx. in the next day or two to rejoin my family and then go from there, playing it by ear, subject to the living conditions at the house. For now I'm safe and healthy and Maggie has been a wonderful hostess along with the love and attentions of her two really cool dogs and of course the horses! Having your own parking spot is pretty damn nice too!

I had been working on this new template for weeks in my spare time before the storm, I'm glad I had it saved on the 'net where I could transfer it over to here. That's not the really cool, super creepy animated header that I was working on though, that one is on my PC at the house. I threw this one together rather quickly this morning just so that there would be something to match the template.

I've finally gotten to do some blog commenting in the past couple days but I haven't been able to hit everyone, I'm not ignoring you!! Thank you all for the way cool comments and I'll try to visit everyone as time (and internet connection, LOL) permits!! Hugs!!!