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Saturday, September 03, 2005

News from N.O.

We've finally gotten word on my grandmother and uncle, they are both safe and sound and they didn't even get flooded at their home. The house is barely 3 blocks from the west bank of the Mississippi in Algiers, which as the crow flies is only a couple of miles from the downtown/french quarter area. Amazing that they have escaped virtually unscathed while directly across the river the destruction is widespread. I'm very thankful for this news as you can well imagine!

She is still being stubborn though, the fact that they are still trying to evacuate thousands from N.O. hasn't shaken her determination to stay at her home. They do have water and I believe gas for cooking, but no electricity. At 92 yrs old she is a very tough lady with a heart of gold and a very sweet disposition. She really is something special and is very well loved by the entire family. She always has some very fascinating stories about life in N.O. and she loves to talk!!

This is excellent news!!