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Monday, August 08, 2005

The Call of the Wild!

Life never ceases to amaze, just when you think that you've already explored so many possibilities in your life that you get tired of running down one way streets or turning into dead ends that suddenly, a new road or possibly a turnpike opens before you and all seems right with your own little world again. In my previous post I was really just being silly with my plea for salvation from my life of solitude and not actually imagining that anyone would take it seriously. Hell, most of you know me by now, I don't take much of anything seriously, I like to let things just sorta flow and go. I'm a pretty easy going and fairly simple guy. I don't need a whole lot to make me happy either, I can be satisfied reasonably easy as well.

One of you fine ladies out there that reads me has answered that crazy plea I made with a serious offer of fuck buddy goodness! How cool is that?!?! She's not new to me, we're old friends as far as bloggers go and we've flirted before in the past and actually touched on the subject in previous conversations a good while back. She saw my post and sent me a very cool email explaining her feelings, basically pouring her heart out to me and told me in not uncertain terms that she is looking for the same thing that I am! It's an offer that I simply cannot refuse! She is really cool and very attractive but she does live more than a couple hundred miles away. Not an insurmountable distance however, and we will be negotiating the logistics of meeting face to face in the coming days/weeks.

I know that you would love me to just blurt out her name but I can't, not without her permission and blessings of course. And, you know I'm not one to kiss and tell! Although, I have told many stories about my long past relationships, I certainly wouldn't give out the details of a current or recent affair. Besides, we have a lot of negotiating to do, hehe. This is as real as it gets! Hell yeah! Keep tha faith!!