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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Video Professor Top 10 ~ Updated!

Top 10 things I 'll bet you didn't know about the Video Professor!

  1. He used to be president of the Hair Club for Men! I did not know that!
  2. He's smart! Likens using his products to be as simple as using the controls on a VCR!
  3. He's Clever! He is so clever that he buries a $69.99 a month subscription into the fine print for anything you order!
  4. He's sneaky! He will charge you for products long before you receive them even if you never explicitly ordered them!
  5. He's witty! He says things like "Buy my product"!
  6. He's generous! Gives away lots of free stuff, for only $69.99 a month! Plus shipping and handling.
  7. He's easy to deal with! It only takes an average of 4 phone calls and threats of reports to his local BBB before he will cheerfully refund the overcharges on your account!
  8. He's prompt! Your order will arrive on the same day that your 10 day trial period expires!
  9. He's slick! Just return ONE cd from the set to avoid being charged, keep the rest! Who the fuck wants a broken set???
  10. He's a top notch scam artist and an asshole that will stop at nothing to trick you out of your hard earned money by any means possible! Gotta love him!

Update - Since I wrote this post I decided to do a bit of looking around, here's a site that explains a lot more about his deceptive sales technique Video Professor Scam.

Who in their right mind would willingly sign up for a freekin' $69.99 a month subscription for PC lessons on a CD? Nobody! That's why they have it buried in the fine print, and to top it off they don't even give you the option of choosing which one they will send next! Every 5 weeks they will send a new one, at random apparently, and charge you for it before it arrives and then they will claim that you waited too long to return it even though you didn't even get it by the time the 10 day trial period is over WTF???

I have to admit though that the lessons are not all that bad but they run off of the CD itself, not installed on your hard drive, so everytime you want to go forward or back a page or 2 (using the stupid VCR like controls) you have to wait while your CD drive churns to refind the page you were looking at just a minute ago, what a pain in the ass!

I did finally get my money refunded... after they held it another nearly 3 weeks before it showed up in my account.