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Friday, July 08, 2005

After the Storm

What fun! I swear I was gonna die without MY internet. I hate when that happens! But, it's all pretty much back to normal, the streets are cleared, the power is up and I'm back online. Whew! And now we got Dennis the Menace curving up the Gulf, I hope that sucker dies before he gets here, but history says that won't happen. I did get to do some extra study for my classes though which was kinda cool after we got the generator up and running. I just sat outside on the patio and soaked up a bit of solar radiation and read and bird watched. Here's a view to the right of where I was sitting.

Notice the generator, one noisy ass fucker! That big oak tree is near the center of the backyard and it's freekin' huge, check out the view of the front of the house from across the street, the tree towers over the back of the house! The house is two stories too, which is hard to tell from this perspective.

Damn, if that thing should ever fall over onto the house, holy shit!! Two things about that tree, it's chock full of birds and squirrels that can be very entertaining to watch whenever you're in the mood, and it's chock full of birds and squirrels that can annoy the fuck out of you when you are trying to get some sleep. Bastards!! At 6 am this morning I could hear several birds raising all kinds of hell, and especially that loud m'ther fucking crow cawing it's ass off right outside my goddamn window.

I went downstairs and grabbed the pellet gun and snuck around the side of the house, that fuckin' crow MUST die! But, the moment I peeked around the edge of the house that bastard flew away, he must have seen me. I looked up and saw several smaller birds though, dive bombing something in the tree. It was hard to see at first but I finally made out what it was. It was a huge owl! Just sitting there, right outside my upstairs bedroom window and the local bird cops were trying to chase his ass off. Now I had to go back inside and change weapons, the pellet gun was no good to use on an owl, so I loaded up my trusty new Kodak and took a couple shots at him.

It was still kind of dark outside so I had to lighten up the picture quite a bit so that you can see him. I stood there and watched him get repeatedly pecked by several smaller birds for a few minutes until they finally chased him off. That's when I realized just how big he was, his wingspan looked like nearly 3 ft! That's a big ass bird! Are owls good eating? hmmmm, I wonder...

Just kidding!! LOL (cajun style maybe?) hehe