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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Cindy Kicked Our Asses!!

Tropical storm Cindy that is. Nasty ass storm here last night, raining like crazy and winds howling up to 75mph, blew shit all over the damn place. Of course the freekin' power is off and I have no 'net connection. Writing this from a computer cafe nearby, only $2 bucks an hour, not bad!. Set up a generator this morning but can't run a PC off of it, no line conditioner to smooth out the power, but at least the fridge and a few lights are working, yay! And we have another major storm headed our way that will likely become a full fledged hurricane, oh boy. I can't wait!! (insert sarcastic look here).

Anyway, just thought I would log on and say hey and that I hope i'll be up and running real soon or I'm gonna have a full-on conniption fit, LOL. I have some blog work in progress that will have to wait, I have no choice but to wait till I'm back online because I don't have access to my files. =(

Hope you guys day is going better than mine!!