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Thursday, June 30, 2005

It's All About the BJ's pt 2

Part 1 is 2 posts down!

Where was I? Oh yeah, the girl from Alabama, I met her in a bar that I always used to go to, it was just right down the street from where I worked. Only about 2 miles from home. She was a new waitress there and I saw her in there quite a few times. She seemed to take a lot of interest in me whenever I came in and we talked quite a bit and got to know each other pretty well. She was a number of years younger than me, I believe I was in my mid 30's and she was 22 so I didn't think we would hit it off too well, even though she was nice and very attractive she was about as dumb as a rock. She was hot though and after a short period of time she ended up going home with me.

As soon as we got to the house the first thing she wanted was a hot bath, not a shower but a bath and I thought that was kind of odd. But she quickly pulled her clothes off as we kissed and groped while the tub filled. When the water was right she climbed in the tub, laid back and spread her legs and asked me to shave her pussy for her. I was kind of shocked that she would be so forward with me so soon but I knew that I would love doing it as I had done the very same thing to my 2nd wife many times before. I was pretty experienced with a razor in that area, they are so many delicate areas down there that are easily nicked if you do a thorough job, so you have to be careful! She had me shave everything from front to rear, even all the way up her butt crack, even shaving real close around her little butthole, what fun it was playing with her in the hot soapy water. The only thing left behind was a little landing strip on the top front. Holy shit, by the time we were done I had a hard on like I had never had before, this was absolutely one of the hottest things I had ever done. Seeing her in that tub with her legs spread high up to her head, wide open for me to gaze upon her cute little pussy and ass. I was all over this hot, sexy young woman almost 15 yrs younger than me and she was pouring it on like there was no tomorrow!

I got into the tub with her and she gave me a bath and she really gave the dick a good going over as she took her time washing that area. I was about ready to just shove it in and burst but she held me back. We dried off and headed for the bed where she laid me back and started going down on me like no one had done before. She had this way of getting all the way down between my legs and facing up to me and then looking up into my face while she laid there with a huge mouthful of dick, stroking it slowly with her lips and I was able to stare into her pretty brown eyes the whole time. She would be pulling on my balls the entire time with one hand and holding the base of my dick with the other and she would do something strange with her tongue on the underside of my dick that just felt so amazing! It was like a tickling on the underside, It seemed like she was playing with it with her tongue while it was in her mouth in a way that no one had done before.

She was also asking for it, she was begging me to shoot it into her mouth, that she couldn't wait to taste it. I didn't last long! I came so hard I swear I thought that it must have hurt her because of the violence of my orgasm and I'm sure if her mouth had not been in the way I would have cum on the ceiling again like I had once before, some years before. I had just had the best orgasm of my entire life and I felt drained, exhausted and totally whipped out and would have been a happy man if I would have died right there on the spot. But, she wasn't done, she wouldn't let it go from her mouth, she kept it there and very gently moved her tongue all over it as it wilted in her mouth. It was now so sensitive that even the slightest touch would send goosebumps all over me and was almost painful! She seemed to know this as she very, very gently played with it with her tongue. It was almost too sensitive to the touch so I tried to push her off but she wouldn't allow that!

She held her ground and told me she wanted more, she wanted me to cum in her mouth again, that once was never enough and she held onto me making me squirm with the ultra sensitivity of her tongues caresses. She very slowly and gently brought it back to life again with her touches and licks and sucking and I was amazed that once I had gotten over the extreme sensitivity I was now finding myself getting stiff again after only a few minutes. This had never happened before, normally it would be out of action for an hour or more just to recover from my orgasms but she was able to get me going again quickly, after only a few minutes.

Ahem, I need a break for a few minutes...

Yeah, to my total amazement I was again stiff as a board and she was milking it like crazy but after a few minutes she moved up and straddled me and shoved it deep into her pussy with one push and fucked me like crazy. We were really going after it, but now I wasn't going to cum again so easily so we spent plenty of time getting her off with several very strong orgasms, I loved the way she rubbed her clit hard against me while stroking and rocking on me with my dick deep inside her. Then suddenly she was done and she pulled it out of her gushing pussy and slid back down between my legs and proceeded to suck it off again like she had done earlier. She was definitely enjoying the taste of her own juices as she went after it hungrily and after a short while she was able to make me cum again, except this time the orgasm was even stronger than the first! I swear I thought I was gonna die it was sooo fucking intense, it was truly unbelievable. This woman had just given me the two best orgasms that I had ever had right in a row and she was not done yet!

Just like before she wouldn't stop playing with it, she kept it in her mouth and gently caressed it with her tongue and I wanted to scream because even the slightest touch was incredibly intense, more than I could stand but she insisted, wanting more. She was begging for me to cum in her mouth one more time! I didn't believe it was possible but it happened. She kept at it slowly and gently and very patiently got that sucker hard again and worked on it expertly with her tongue for nearly an hour it seemed and I eventually did cum again.

Except now I was dried up, there was nothing left to give. It was like it was scraping the bottom of the barrel for more cum that just wasn't there to give. I had given her every drop I had in the previous two BJ's and now it had to really work hard for one more shot. I think my dick was dry heaving with pain and insane pleasure as it tried it's damndest to satisfy her hungry mouth and I screamed like crazy because it fucking HURT so much and it felt so incredibly good at the same time It was beyond description. There is no way I could put into words exactly how good that felt. I had just had the three most insane orgasms in my entire life within a matter of a couple of hours! Each one better than the previous. Now you would think she would have been done, right? Wrong, she wanted more! She was not ready to stop but I sure was, there was just no way she was getting me four times in such a short period of time, but I had to be very insistent to make her stop. Finally we crashed and slept thru the night together.

Yeah, you guessed it! Next morning we lathered, rinsed and repeated and spent the entire day in bed together. I think it was a weekend and we stayed holed up in the house for several days doing nothing but eating, sleeping and having sex. She was just amazing and we stayed together for several years, I'll never forget her! Hell yeah!