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Friday, June 24, 2005

I Shot the Bird!

No, I don't mean that nasty crow. By the way, I don't go around shooting birds. Actually I deplore shooting or injuring any kind of wildlife, I've never gotten into hunting of any kind, I don't even like fishing for that matter. What I did shoot was a picture of a young hawk or maybe it's an osprey sitting in the birdbath in the backyard yesterday. I was sitting only about 15 feet away when I snapped this photo.

He was taking his good old time splashing around taking a nice bath. He must have been in there for over 15 minutes and the entire time there were two bluejays in the tree above him screeching like crazy, presumably to warn other birds in the area to stay clear of this hunter. Very funny actually as he just seemed to ignore the jays. Finally he noticed a bird passing by behind him and took off after it. I watched him chasing his prey until they were out of of range, I have no idea if the bird he was chasing got caught.

About a half an hour later another odd visitor showed up just sauntering along across the edge of the backyard looking very cool and elegant. Some type of egret I think, over 3 ft tall!

The backyard has 2 birdbaths and 2 bird feeders and is normally quite busy with birds of all kinds coming and going all day long, including several large green parrots that stop by daily. But the hawk and the egret are somewhat unusual to see, so I thought they were picture worthy. The house is a suburban neighborhood, not exactly the kind the place where you would expect to see hawks and egrets.

I love my new digital camera, I've had it a couple months now actually. It's a Kodak CX 7330 with a 3x optical zoom and I recently picked up a 512mb memory card for it that was on sale. It can take a whopping 1,600 photos on that card on the low quality setting or 600 on the highest quality! Or shoot 45 minutes of video, simply amazing! If any of you are looking for a low priced digital camera I highly recommend this one. I went thru several cameras and I was disappointed with each one and returned them each time till I tried this one. It's also the simplest to use out of the bunch and one of them was a $350 Olympus Camedia! This Kodak was only $150 and the card was on sale for $35. Not too shabby!!