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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Cake Attack!!

Ice cold birthday cake and fresh hot coffee in the morning. It just doesn't get any better than that! Hmm, well there is a Krispy Kreme just about 2 miles down the road... Another early morning, and the day is looking good. Thanks everyone on the sweet birthday wishes!! Woohoo!

Got a few things done on the entirely new, super secret, Blogs Gone Wild! project. I hope to unveil it in about a week or so. It's gonna be an entirely new look with added features! Tons of shit left to do though. eeeep!

Just finished a honkin' new template for Serra over at Whiplash Smile. Serra has a crazee, funny, sense of humor and it looks rippin' good if I must say so myself!

Got some scary bad news over the weekend from my pharmacy, they tried to tell me that my new medical plan as of June 1 would not pay for my very expensive immune supressing drugs that I must have to keep my liver from being kicked out of the 'hood by the rest of my body. Way more than I can afford! After freaking over how I was going to pay for it for 2 days I got word yesterday that my plan would indeed pay for the drugs! You talk about elated! Holy shit! Anyone like pharmacists head on a stick? LOL And then I got my bi-monthly blood test done yesterday and the doctors office called with even better news! They told me I can stop taking my last steroid! Killer!! Some bad shit has gotta happen soon, seriously! Things are just going too damned good if ya know what I mean! LOL

Freakish thundering, lightning, rainin' like a mofo' storm here yesterday. 5 inches in just a couple hours! The street out front was fully flooded and up over the sidewalk and it was looking like the house may even get flooded!! Wow! The lightning was truly intense and amazing, exhilarating to watch! Thankfully it slacked off and the streets are now clear, whew!

The lightning knocked out power to the City of New Orleans fresh water pumping system and most of the city was without water most of the day. The basements at the pumping plant were even flooded, no power! The fun thing though is the city has discovered a new way to make deadbeats come in and payup on their past due water bills as hundreds lined up to make payments thinking their water had been shut off!! LOL

Hell yeah, YOU payup biatch or we're gonna shut the whole city down, you freekin' deadbeats! LOL