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Monday, May 16, 2005

fun!! woohoo!!

You guys know how much I love getting good hatemail and somebody has been kind enough to oblige me. Some guy calling himself Pikkel Weezel has attacked the Community Justice Blog with some moronic comments which I promptly deleted. They really weren't worth reading or I would have left them up so you guys could pick on him. But, he has come by my blog and attacked me personally, LOL Yay!! Unfortunately though his hatemail/comment was so pitiful that on a scale of 1 thru 5 I would say he barely even scratched a 1. Try harder next time, I mean really, calling me a spineless fag is hardly even worth a reply! And besides if he had read one single one of my posts he would know for a fact that I am neither spineless or a fag. I am however a bastard and an asshole and a bitch. But since I was looking for a good excuse for a post I thought I would have some fun at his expense.

His comment is in the post below. I left it up because I had some fun editing it and put a few words in his mouth, renamed him and changed the URL to his actual blog if you want to go have a look. His entire blogs purpose seems to be there for making fun of people for no other reason than just to be an asshole. I think his attacks are just childish attempts at calling attention to his blog to get hits and or comments. 5 bucks says he retaliates with a spam flood of comments either here or at the CJ site. Yeah, I think he is exactly that childish! hahaha

Pikkel Weezel you little fucktard, I hope you come back and play some more after you grow a couple hairs on your balls, I'll make you my personal bitch in the meantime.

Who said Mondays can't be Fun Days? Not me!