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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

manic monday...on tuesday...

I started my evaluations yesterday for my disability job placement. I've been waiting anxiously for this since this past November. I was originally scheduled for May but someone dropped out and they moved me up, yay!! Things went fairly well, I wasn't frazzling', thank you Nanner, *wink* and I think my scores were decent since I found that the tests were not very difficult. It remains to be seen, though. Everything was going great until this morning...

My day started early, the alarm didn't piss me off too much and I checked the weather. Looking good! A bit cool but comfortable with some dampness in the air from the overnight weather change. Nice and sunny as well. I left early to be at the evaluation center so that I could stop for some quick breakfast and then hit the road across the Greater N.O. bridge to start my day. I was looking forward to the testing actually.

Then disaster strikes, I was cruising northbound on a 4 lane avenue with a dividing median in the right hand lane. The traffic was a bit heavy and it wast slowing some here and there but not too badly. As I was approaching a red light and starting to coast in to stop I noticed the humongous suv in the left hand lane had to slow down as his lane was getting jammed to the light. My lane however was clear all the way to the light about a block ahead. Suddenly the humongous suv stopped to let some dirtwad cut across from a U-turn lane that wanted to go all the way straight across both lanes into a driveway, I couldn't see him though, did I mention that there was a HUMONGOUS suv in the way? Well there was, seriously.

Mr. Dirtwad decided to GO for it without being able to see past the HUMONGOUS fukkin' suv and pulled across MY lane with no warning. The street was damp, I slammed the brakes, Mr Dirtwad finally saw me and hit his brakes, but it was too late!! I slid into and under the right front bumper of his F ound O n R oad D ead pickup truck and buckled his right front wheel underneath. My left front headlight and fender and hood crumpled with a sickening crunch and a boom that was startling. Amazingly, no one rearended me. I was very surprised my airbag didn't pop! I was shaken a bit and I could see the guy in the truck pull out his cell and dial 911 so I didn't bother. Here's a peek at the damage:

Notice the white scar on the hood in the picture

above, that's where his front bumper was sitting

on top of my poor car! Bastard!

Amazingly all the lights still work! Even

though they are badly smashed! hehe.

Now comes the part that seriously pissed me off. Mr. Dirtwad, and now I also noticed he had Mrs. Dirtwad with him in the truck, did not bother to get out and ASK me if I was ok. It was so obviously his fault and I couldn't believe that they were so callous. It took lots of restraint to keep from taking a tire iron to his closed window and beating him across the face with it, just for that. I was already pissed because he had STUPIDLY caused the accident and now the bastard was going to ignore me? But, I also knew there were police on the way and they don't take kindly to you beating people to a pulp with tire irons, even when it's well deserved.

Sooooo, I sat there, and I sat there and I sat there some more, waiting 35 minutes for the cops, all the while amusing myself with the KILLER traffic jam that was caused. It was backed up for a couple of miles at least and we had both lanes blocked. The drivers started going over the curb on each side of us to get around the scene and then rubbernecked as they passed. A couple of pricks got pissed and yelled shit that I think meant to move the vehicles out of the way but there was no way I was moving an INCH until the police showed up. I was going to make sure that Mr. Dirtwad got the blame he deserved with no way to wriggle out. Those asses were greeted with hearty middle fingers and a foul curse on their mothers graves for all eternity.

Finally the cop shows up, he asks a couple of questions, then had us move the vehicles. That's when I realized my hood was under his bumper. As I backed up, his truck dropped down, and then I noticed how badly his wheel was buckled under. I smiled, that truck was going nowhere on its own!! Hell yeah, my car kicked his trucks ass!! And my car seemed to drive just fine. Or so I thought, later on in the day I discovered that the impact had damaged my waterpump and it was now losing water as fast as you could pour it in. Wonderful! It cost me over $200 to get it repaired but I'm going to force his insurance to pay for it as well as all the other damage. I used to write repair estimates when I had my body shop, I know a few ways to get extra money that most people don't think about, they never offer it up, but it's there if you tell them you expect it.

And now, instead of being early to my evaluation I was over a half an hour late! Thankfully the nice people there were very understanding, possibly because I had called ahead and warned them that I would be late in arriving. My testing went very well and they allowed me to makeup the lost time today so I'm all caught up. Yay!

That was my Monday, err Tuesday rather, how was yours?