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Friday, April 08, 2005

in with pink pt. 2

To read the first part of this story go here.

"Get dressed, wear something nice, I have a surprise for you" she said.

Surprise? I thought, what the hell could she do to surprise me beyond what her and Margaux did with me the other night.

"Why, where we going? Is Margaux going to come too?" I asked.

"Don't worry about it, you'll love it, and Margaux will be there too, just get ready and we'll go in about an hour."

Amazing how your life can take weird and unexpected turns when you least expect it. Pink had already shown me so much fun and pleasure I had no idea what was in store for me from then on. I was eager to follow though, and I had a feeling nothing she could do would disappoint me.

Once ready, we stepped out, I was looking pretty cool for Europe back in those days, shoulder length hair and dressed like an American in Levi's, in Levi's you were very well dressed then as they we so freakin' expensive to buy there. Yeah, they went for ungodly prices. Oddly, I was often mistaken for a wealthy Scandinavian type and I didn't even have blonde hair, I never did figure that one out. I also felt like I was pale skinned then compared to how I normally looked when in the States, I was outdoors a lot and was always somewhat tanned, yet to the northern Europeans I was very darkskinned. I mean next to me they looked like ghosts.

Pink hailed a cab and offered up directions in dutch to the cabbie and off we went. We pulled up at a hotel, I forget the name of and we went inside. Elevatored up several floors and emerged into a rather plain looking hallway much like any hotel hall, and we approached a door that was totally non-descript with a man standing outside. Pink exchanged a couple words with him in french and he opened the door for us and we went inside.

The room was huge, very plush surroundings, paintings and elegant leather furnishings everywhere. And women, lots of women, beautiful women everywhere I could see, there were groups of people talking , drinking and apparently having some kind of party. There were also men, but I of course didn't pay them much attention because there was an amazing quantity of gorgeous women to look at. There were waiters and waitresses and tables with food and rather cool music playing, not to loud that you couldn't carry on a nice conversation. The atmosphere was relaxed and everyone seemed very friendly toward each other and just having a nice time.

Pink ordered us drinks and we walked over to a group and then I noticed Margaux. Damn, she was looking hot and she was nuzzling another woman in a group of people that were talking. They were obviously more than just friends and I looked at Pink for any signs of anger or jealousy and there was none. In fact Pink walked up to Margauxs friend and kissed her full on the mouth. I was starting to get the idea that this wasn't just a bar. It was in fact, it turned out a private club. Invitation only and there was not even a sign outside the door to clue you in on its presence. I realized now just how exclusive the place must be and it felt weird being there. I quickly realized that most of the people there were gay, including the men but there were also many bisexual people, and I already knew that about Margaux.

We mingled, we laughed, Pink introduced me to many people that night and we got semi-trashed. As the evening progressed i found myself lured into a dark corner of the main room with Margaux and her friend, and all three of us made out while they had their hands inside my pants, my hands in thier panties and just everyone doing lots ofvery nasty groping. Apparently the new girl was bisexual too and she was awesome, I wanted her and Margaux so badly I kept bugging them to go so we could hit the bed at Pinks apartment.

Margaux had other plans though and she left us alone to talk with a group of people. She had done that to make sure I was in with the new girl and damned if I can't remember her name so I'll call he Janey. Pink finally found us in the corner as we were getting hot and nasty and she joined in with me and was able to get Janey off with her fingers right there in the club! Janey was squealing and moaning very loudly and panting like crazy as Pink went crazy on her cooch while I helped as much as i could. I kept half expecting someone to notice us and or say something to us because we had Janey splayed out across the sofa with her panties off and legs spread, yet no one even paid any attention to all the noise she was making. This was mind-blowing to me, i had never done anything quite so public before, I had had public sex previously but not quite so obvious!

Janey straightened up after that and Pink decided she was ready to play some more and we took a cab home. We hit her bed like there was no tomorrow and damn did we have fun, Pink was really good at being a sort of sex cruise director and me and Janey were happy to have sex together in every way possible following Pinks amazing lead. We were up all frikkin' night and slept all 3 in bed together most of the next day, having some very sweet sex off and on and taking showers together. We spent the entire day nude in bed and toyed with each other, ordering food delivered when we got hungry and I hoped the day would never end.

There is a pt. 3 to this story, I'll bring it in the near future!