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Saturday, March 19, 2005

meeting Angela

I had this nice long post all written out to tell you guys everything that happened when me and Angela of Welcome to Cootersnap! met last weekend but Blogger ate the post like a DICK and It was totally lost, sooo I'm gonna give you the Cliff's Notes version LOL. In fact I think I'll just let you read Angelas post and i'll fill in the blanks.
  • Angela said I would recognize her as the fattest girl in the bar and wearing a blue blouse. She was wearing blue but she was nicely slender and tall and very pretty! See her pic in the sidebar!
  • Angela drank a lot.
  • I mean Angela really drank a LOT.
  • Boy could she put the drinks away!! LOL
  • She was a helluva lot of fun to talk to.
  • She has a gorgeous smile and has an amazing sense of humor!
  • We swapped many stories, way too many to retell here.
  • Angela, the oysters on the lower tier of the Royale platter had caviar on top, yummy!!
  • The Royale platter was at the Bourbon House Oyster Bar.
  • That was my coke, I think we shared 2 or 3 and then got 2 more to go! And damn they were good!

Now go read the rest of the story at Angelas blog, she posted about the trip today!!