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Saturday, March 12, 2005

in with pink

Warning, this post is not for the sexually squeamish!

I had just come inshore, unexpectedly, from a jobsite in the North Sea, the project was having long delays and the diving crews were put on hold until the work started up again. I was on a monthly salary contract, no matter where I was I was getting paid. Daily. With living expenses. I had dropped my apartment in Antwerp because I had expected to work the rest of my contract out offshore and when I returned I had no place to stay. I had some friends that owned a small hotel called Old Tom, (yeah, weird name) that was just off the main square downtown Antwerp, very, very nice people and they helped me learn a little Flemish and even invited me to dinner a few times. I decided to stay there for a while and do some more tripping around Europe till the end of contract.

I always carried my folding work knife wherever I went and was often playing with the stupid thing like it was a toy. One day sitting at an outdoor cafe enjoying a coffee I accidentally cut my finger badly on the blade as I tried to close it. I gathered up some paper napkins and tried to stop the bleeding and I was not having much luck, fortunately a girl saw my predicament and offered to help! She pulled a hanky out of her purse and wrapped it around my finger and bid me to hold it up, then grabbed my other hand and told me to follow, she spoke Dutch to me and I didn't understand a word, all I could figure was that she was taking me somewhere to help me. Finally she figured I couldn't speak Dutch and was able to tell me in broken English what she was going to do.

She was about 5'5" and very slim, almost waifish, butch looking pink hair and punk clothes and very cute, but tomboyish. We crossed the road to her building and went up a few floors on an elevator to her studio apartment. There was the typical messy apartment of a girl that didn't care too much about how the place looked, there were clothes and underwear all over, rock posters on the walls and empty booze bottles on the coffee table. And then there was the bed, nothing special really but it took up most of the room, nice sized and quite comfortable I was to find out. She brought some bandages out of the bathroom locker and wrapped my bleeding finger up quickly and told me her name was quite simply "Pink". Not surprising really with the bright pink hair and bright pink lip gloss, she also told me she was the singer in a rock band that played a few regular gigs around Antwerp.

We sat and chatted a while and had a few laughs and I told her about my situation with no real place to stay and stuff, I had the feeling she liked me and I thought it might be fun to get to know her while I was there. She told me she was singing at a gig that very night and invited me to come out and watch, told me where the club was and I agreed to show up later on. I had no idea she had some perverted plans for me, and I was to find out later that night just what they were.

I found the club easily and slipped inside, paying the door fee and went to the bar and got a beer. Pink was up on the stage and saw me and waved me over before they played the first set. The band was tuning up and getting everything ready to go and Pink introduces me to this beautiful girl with long dark hair and says it's her girlfriend named Margaux and asked her to show me around the club and hang out with me to keep me company. Girlfriend, I thought, what kind of girlfriend, and then they groped each other right in front of me and kissed each other full on the mouth, very wet kisses I might add, not just little pecks. It suddenly dawned on me that they were lovers, lesbians and now I had to wonder what was up with her wanting me to come out to meet them. Very weird, very odd.

The music was great, the band was loud and the crowd was fun, and my new friends were having fun playing with each other between sets, making out at a table we had and then Margaux started kissing me and groping me right in front of Pink. This was getting fun and I was wanting more. A lot more. We were getting a bit sloshed and when the sets were over we three ended up at Pinks apartment. They pulled me over to the bed and started pulling my clothes off, I started doing likewise to them and Pink kept sort of pushing me away but encouraging me to play with her girlfriend, Margaux, instead. Meanwhile, Pink was playing titty pinching and sucking with Margaux while i was rubbing her cooch and Margaux was going down on me. Turns out that only Pink was lesbian and Margaux was Bi and that Pink had brought me in as a present to Margaux!

These two women were hot, and they taught me a few new tricks, I had never seen a woman being fist fucked before and they did it to each other with wild abandon. At one point Pink shoved her hand inside Margaux and fist fucked her while my dick was inside her at the same time. The sensations were incredible. I had no idea up to that point that a womans coocha could open up so wide and that they would actually love the way it felt, I was like a kid in the most amazing toy store ever! Then the toys and dildos came out from under the bed and we had a blast playing with those, Margaux liked it up the ass and I was happy to oblige, Pink got her backdoor loosened up with lots of lube and a couple small dildos and then guided me in. Pink got under between her legs and licked her coocha while I poked her in the ass. There was lots of screaming and laughing as we played all night and into the next morning. The sun was coming up outside and we were still at it till we passed out on the bed in a heap. The next afternoon we all got up and showered and chatted and Pink asked me to stay there for a while and chip in on her rent instead of staying at the hotel. I quickly agreed of course, I knew there was a lot more fun to be had! That was just our first night together, Pink had more plans for me as it turned out and I'll make that another story.