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Sunday, February 27, 2005

buried treasure pt. 2

Almost cooler than finding the pictures of my last Harley, I also came across my old animation program, Flash Shockwave 3. I barely recall using it, apparently it's part of my brain that was altered from high ammonia levels caused by a failing liver. When I explored the old zip disc containing the program I was puzzled at first, until I also found some of my old animations and suddenly I had a flood of memories! I remembered making them but how? I had no idea how to use Flash again at first but I started playing with it a few days ago and I started recalling the ways and intricacies of using it. It's a very expensive program to buy, way out of my budget these days and it wouldn't work at first because I didn't have the code to unlock it. I dug around a bit, angry that I couldn't use it until I found I had left myself a note including the keys right in the folder of the program itself! Don't ya just love when stuff like that happens!

I've received a lot of compliments on my other headers, thank you!, and I love playing with Photoshop and will continue using it to make blog templates for your pleasure, but now there's a new kid in town and I hope to knock you guys collective socks off with my new animated headers! The one you see above is my very first new animation and I consider it a bit rough, I intend to get more elaborate in the future. It was fun to make but exhausting, it involved many hours of doing and redoing, but this will change as my experience grows of course.

Now on to my point, if you just have to have an animated header, I'll be doing those too, for a fee of course, employ me now because I'll work pretty cheap to develop my refound skills. The fee will be according to the complexity, it's negotiable and of course I guarantee satisfaction!And on the blog making front I'll continue to do those as well and hope more people will buy them as I'm still considered disabled and I'm one broke ass Cajun boy with expensive health insurance, medical bills to repay and lots of medications to buy since my liver transplant.

I can no longer afford to give my work away as I have so many times in the past few months, I have several blogging friends who have been prodding me to make sure I charge for everything that I do and I thank them for their wonderful advice! Especially Veronica! Luv you sweetheart! Simple advice will still be free, I have a lot of HTML skills and I can help in many ways, feel free to ask, but if I come over and do it I'll have to charge something for my time, maybe just a few bucks. If I've helped you in the past, please, feel free to tip me a few bucks for my services. I've set up a Paypal thingy in the sidebar to make this convenient for both tips and my template and animation sales. Paypal is quite easy to use and quick and easy to sign up for, it's owned by eBay and it has many online uses that make it safe and easy to transfer money to any email address in the country! No charity please!

Also notice the new category called Fresh Engines over there that features my latest templates for sale and the bottom link Templates in Progress lets you peek over my shoulder as I build new stuff. It's content is also my Cajun-country novel based on some of my true life experiences in many ways, it's called Delacroix. Give it a read while its still fairly short if your looking for some escapism.

I love, love, love being a part of this community, every single one of you have given me reasons to smile many, many times over, especially the oh so delicious flirting! You guys are amazing! I just want to say thanks for putting up with my silliness and I want to thank the many who went over and put me on the top of the readers favorites at the Weblog Review! *SMOOCH* I look forward to a lot more fun with you all, and I hope that every single one of you have a great year ahead!!!!!