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Thursday, February 17, 2005

things are heatin' up

in Delacroix ! I added a new chapter this morning and theres a new love interest in town for the hero, that would be me of course, some of you may recognize her name. I'm to be a character in her novel and I figured I could return the favor. You can read hers where I'll be introduced as a character named Seven Savard here. Her characters name is Coco! And ya'll know her as Flirt and her novel is written in a sweet, lighthearted fashion that's compelling to read, check it out and get caught up! Everyones reading Coco, why aren't you?

You can find the new chapter for mine here for those that are caught up. It's titled The Wreck.

The beginning of the story is here for those that are wondering whats going on in my fictional cajun town named Delacroix. It's a fun romp, action adventure and lots of steamy, sexy action is in store for everyone involved, and even some voodoo to come! And Sev, the dog that he is can barely keep his gun tucked in his pants! Enjoy!


In other news, I have another post waiting in the wings in draft mode that's as seriously naughty as my last one, maybe more so. I decided to let you guys cool off a bit before I unleash it, aren't I nice? All this writing about sex makes a boy horny, and the consequences are so serious that I'm crying for help. If any of you ladies lives within a 100 mile radius of New Orleans and could pass for Sandra Bullock with the lights off, and are interested in teaching an old dog some new tricks, gimme a shout, my email is always ready willing and available and so am I !! By the way, i've been told I resemble Hugh Grant when it's really dark.