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Monday, January 31, 2005

two things - Updated!!

Charity Day
Flirt's comments are burgeoning with 171 comments! weeee, thanks to everyone that went over and said hello to Flirt!!

Flirt at Flirt in a Skirt is doing her monthly charity day today. For every comment she gets today she will donate a dollar to a suggested charity all the way up to 500 bucks!! This is also a great way to get to know Flirt as well, she is truly a very, very sweet person that is doing a great job of building a cool blogging community with her kind and gracious support of many people like Cav and Sandee and now also Veronica. Go over there and leave a comment, it won't take but a couple minutes and the money will go to a good cause!

Blog o'the Week

I am going to take a break from Blog o'the Week for now because frankly I have my hands full reading all the great blogs you guys write already! I may do it monthly instead, but it will have to be exceptionally good. Thank you guys for checking out my previous choices and I am glad to see that Veronica has become quite a hit! She is pretty cool, eh? If you guys find anyone you want to suggest, well i'm sure you know by now how to hit me!

Did I say Two Things?
Trashman has succesfully guessed my dogs name! thanks to you guys that played! and I am sure I will do this again in the future!

Lets make that three things. I am itching to do another cool blogdo' for someone in the gang and I will give away an extreme blogger makeover to the first person that correctly guesses my dogs name. No fair guessing if you wouldn't like a makeover, but don't let that stop ya from leaving a cool or otherwise comment! The name is fairly common, it's one word and no I haven't mentioned this dogs name in my blog before so no need to dig thru my archives. Yes I know I have mentioned several dog names on here but not this one. The dogs name is also female to help narrow it down some! One guess per comment please to keep it fair, if you don't get it right, come back and guess again till someone wins! So jump in here and name that POOCH !!