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Saturday, January 29, 2005

who knew?

One night I came in from an evening at the bar feeling pretty good, and I could hear some raucous noise downstairs in the basement. I had 3 room mates at the time, the house was 3 bedrooms upstairs and a large bedroom in the basement. There sounded like a full blown party was going on downstairs with lots of laughing and loud talking and I could hear at least one womans voice. Eddie was the guy that lived in the basement room, we had worked together for a while, that's how we had met each other. I decided to see what was up so I head down the stairs and turn the corner into Eddies room and the sight before me was pretty wild. Eddie and another room mate, Steve had picked up a local girl at a bar and had brought her home for some play. I knew her as well, her name was Debbie and I had seen her around and we had talked and flirted several times before.

What I saw was all three of them on the floor on a big comforter, stripped naked and having sex with wild abandon. Debbie was on her hands and knees, ass in the air, taking Eddie in her mouth as Eddie was kneeling before her with his eyes rolled back in his head. Steve was kneeling behind her giving her all he had like a dog and slapping her ass at the same time. I was momentarily stunned and I muttered uh-oh and then Eddie looked over and saw me and he went uh-oh, this got Steve's attention of course and he looked around and yep he said uh-oh too! Debbie let Eddie slip from her mouth however, and looked around and saw me and said "Hey! I didn't know you lived here too, come join us!" This apparently wasn't all that cool with Steve and Eddie, I could tell by the looks on their faces that they weren't up to sharing more than they already were, but Debbie insisted and I figured why not. I stripped and grabbed a condom and jumped into the fray.

Debbie turned out to be pretty amazing and took all 3 of us on in every way you might imagine including all 3 of us at once. I had been in threesomes before but it was me and 2 women each time before, this was the first with another man in the group much less 2 other men. This was one epic session and I will never forget it as long as I live. Now it was getting into the wee hours of the morning and we were all getting pretty drunk and tired from all the activity and I distinctly remembered Eddie saying he had lost track of his condom. I remember him and Debbie searching for it briefly, turning the comforter over and searching the floor, but they coudn't find it and quickly gave up. The lost condom was quickly forgotten and I went upstairs to sleep, totally exhausted.

About a week later me and Eddie were at the bar and Debbie walks in with a big smile on her face. She comes over to the table and sits down and Eddie asks why she is smiling so hard. I think we both assumed she might be smiling because she wanted to play again that night and was just plain ecstatic to see us. She, however, looks at each of us in turn and says "Remember that condom you lost last week Eddie?" Eddie slowly nods and looks at me with a sideways glance and I could tell we both knew exactly what she would say next. "I found it last night!!" she giggled.