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Saturday, January 15, 2005

america cares ---Updated!

Many of you have signed up for different clubs and lists to help generate traffic to your blog, and some do help quite a bit, like Blog Explosion, but you have to sign up and then surf to earn display hits or purchase hits to get your blog in the rotation. Blah, blah, blah. How about something that you do not need to sign up for and no surfin' or any real effort on your part? Why not display this flag on your blog to show your patriotism and that you are either an american yourself or are pro american and believe in the power of our great country. Or just to show your support for unity, or our amazing troops or whatever your favorite american cause may be! I certainly will not fault you if you choose not to display it, because that is up to you (terrorist bastards) It's a free country! Simply right click the flag and save to your HD and then upload to your favorite server. Or copy and paste this into your sidebar and add the left and right pointer html tag on each end and it should load directly from the Google server i put it on:

from here--> img src="http://photos1.blogger.com/

img/243/2467/640/flag2.jpg" <--to there

and don't forget the pointer tag on each end

United Bloggers of America

I created a whole new blog dedicated to the purpose

of spreading this flag to anyone who wishes to use it here.

If you decide to make the flag itself into a link have it point to


NEW!!! Go the flag blog and leave a comment that you "stole"

the flag to use on your blog and get a link to YOUR blog from there!!