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Friday, January 14, 2005

this means war!

It has come to my recent attention that other people are also writing blogs. Yes you, you people, the people reading this blog. This is not a good thing people, this is an act of blogging attrition, a strategic blogs race, an escalation of nuclear blogging power to the nth degree. If you do not cease and desist I will be forced to spend even MORE of my time defending the ground that my forebloggers sought to keep as their sacred and holy cyber space. I vow to put forth whatever I deem necessary and with out regard to spending limits from my national blogging treasury. You must realize that in time of need that I have the will and shall without worry or doubt send the dogs of war upon you, with complete disregard for the evil beings you truly are! No one shall be innocent of these crimes against this cyber space, not even myself, and we shall all go to hell together if need be. It is not too late for reconciliation, so think and come to the right decision, our blogging lives just may depend on it.

So what are you guys up to this weekend? hehe