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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

blog o'the week

I got this idea after doing some "Next Blog" surfing last night and repeatedly ran in to 99% pure drivel, teen angst, wish i were dead, alternating caps crap, browser snatching, transition fading, cursor dingleberry programmed, weird ass music playing that you can't turn off, "Next Blog" button removing, update browser demanding that you have to dump the page to get out of, blinding background using, wildly colored teeny tiny text using, with super cool fonts they are running so that all the text looks like little squares cause nobody else has that font installed, blogs.

I decided I could be helpful by pointing out that 1 in a thousand that doesn't suck.The requirements are simple, it has to be fairly new, does not include ANY of the above mentioned crap, the writer has to be literate, has at least 6 posts or more and has no comments to speak of, yet. And shows possible promise of being a good blogger. I am not going to judge them myself. That's for you guys to do, well do I have to do all the work? Pitch in!

Remember how discouraging it was when you feared no one would read you and you were just a cry in the wilderness? I do and I thought maybe I could help someone out. My first blog o'the week is called "yet another blog..." and can be found here and also a link near the top of my sidebar called of course "Blog o' the Week" So give it a shot, maybe you will like it, if so, leave a comment of course!