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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Concrete Enemas

Browsing through the news today this thing caught my eye on the msn.com webpage "Adware Cannibilism" and my imagination being what it is immediately put itself into gear and showed me what it would look like if adware people picked up spears and stuck bones thru their noses and attacked each others corporate offices looking for fresh meat to throw into their huge black kettles they keep boiling in the lobby with a fire going 24/7 and a software witchdoctor doing a jig around the entire staff and singing "waah a wah tusi" and tossing shredded bits of magical "holy paper" to ward off evil rival hackers that devour other evil rival hackers evil programs. After clicking on the link I see "Adware cannibals feast on each other" further reinforcing previously described image. Apparently these assholes are suing each other for the "right" to load their malware/foulware/snoopware crap that secretly peeks at everything you do on the web to make more effective, targeted popup ads that nobody wants in the first damn place. Their programs are now designed to destroy previously installed programs that probably got their without you even knowing about it. My opinion is these people should be made to bend over and take a quikrete enema and hold it till it hardens, bringing a whole new meaning to the term "shittin bricks" which is what they been doing to us all along, shovin it right up our collective asses. What do you think? Drop your brick in the comments below. Woo that was fun =)