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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Sales People that Don't Suck

I was walking around in the french quarter one day last week looking to see what kind of trouble I could get in to, lol. Taking in the sights smiling at all the cute little tourists and stuff trying to look like the colorful local that I am, but just generally minding my own business when I passed by a display window of a small shop on Chartres St. that sold custom jewelry. A few pieces really caught my eye so I decided to go in and check it out. The way I was dressed is important to this story, so I was wearing a black T shirt I had picked up at a Marilyn Manson concert a few years back with a fallen angel in front and some big red satanic looking symbol on back, scruffy levi's and my big black boots, a belt with metal studs all around, a beard and my hair nicely spiked up, lol.
Inside the store was a well dressed lady in a black dress and heels and she was alone. I started to browse the cases with the jewelry and oddly enough I was really taken by one set of womens earrings that I thought were absolutely stunning, with an antique gold finish and each had a beautifully hand cut tourmaline on the dangly part. Mind you I was not looking for earrings, but for a new ring for myself, nor did I have anyone to buy earrings for at this time. She noticed me admiring them and generously offered to try them on her self so I could see how they appeared while being worn, I said no thats ok I am not looking to buy them. What does she do? She takes them out of the locked case and puts them on anyway and actually modeled them for me on the spot, I was floored but yet I didn't feel like I was being pressured into buying them. What an amazing person to take her time to treat me in a way that seemed above and beyond the call of duty and to a person that probably looked like they couldn't afford the damn things in the first place. Made my day.