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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Yahoo, to you too! (picture the bird finger here)

I suddenly realized a few days ago that email wasn't gonna get it anymore and I needed something else to communicate freely. This was prompted by a question by a new friend (you know who you are) did I have the Yahoo Messenger thingy. I said uhhm no I didn't and vowed to myself to get it. In case your wondering I have used messenger thingy's before but it had been awhile. I quickly realized there were some new features included that I didn't know about from the ancient times of ohh like 2 yrs ago or so. That's pretty ancient in computer terms. Anyway I loaded it up and installed and answered all 117 questions they asked like the good, sweet and honest biker that I am. What I did not expect was the messenger thingy dumped TONS of crap into my PC, littering the virtual landscape with programs from hell and shortcuts to purgatory and all sorts of evil mayhem, trying to seduce me into searching for this and logging for that and checking the weather in Kalamazoo and listen to gospel music from Russia AND added a new toolbar UNDER my precious IE6 tool bar that already takes up too much onscreen real estate into my web surfing screen area. Needless to say I immediately set about the ardous task of removing this insidious and vile blight from my poor little PC. I finally got it whittled down to where all that was left was frikkin Yahoo Messenger, now, a mere wisp of it's previous glory which is all I wanted in the first damn place. So Yahoo if your looking, this BIRD is for you!! (picture bird finger here)